Everything You Need To Know About Huawei P50 Series

Huawei P50 Series

After a mountain of rumors and leaks, a shortage of chips, restrictions imposed on the company by US sanctions, and successive delays, the P50 series was finally able to debut; demonstration of new design, new software and new technologies.
The 2020 Huawei P40 and Mate 40 series were undeniably impressive, but now it’s the P50 series that carries the brand’s torch despite everything it’s experienced during development.

What Features Does The Huawei P50 Offer?

While we knew that Huawei faced chip shortages during the development of the P50 series, it wasn’t until the phones were launched that we were able to see how this affected their production. The biggest side effect of the shortage is the apparent split between Huawei’s own Kirin 9000 chips and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chips – both of which can be found in certain P50 Pro SKUs.
Features Huawei P50
Here are the features of the Huawei p50 phone:
⦁ 6.5″ 2400×1224 oled flat screen
⦁ Touch screen sampling rate 300 hz
⦁ 90 Hz
⦁ 1440hz high frame rate pwm dimming (reduces eye strain)
⦁ 1.07 billion colors
⦁ 458 PPI
⦁ Processor qualcomm snapdragon 888 4g
⦁ 8 GB ram
⦁ 128 gb or 256 gb storage
⦁ Nm card expandable up to 256 gb
⦁ Rear dual matrix cameras:
⦁ 50mp f/8 ‘true-chroma’ main with ois
⦁ 13mp f/2 120° ultra-wide
⦁ 13-megapixel front-facing camera with hole punch and f/4 aperture
⦁ Colors: cocoa black, cocoa gold, pearl white
The device showcase the company’s XD Fusion Pro engine, which aims to improve light and color reproduction coupled with support for a wider color space. Meanwhile, HarmonyOS supports advanced collaboration features with the company’s broader ecosystem of products.
The P50 appears to be able to handle all of these obstacles, delivering true-to-life colors and contrast, promising wide dynamic range and excellent low-light shooting capabilities, not to mention crisp detail despite the fast-paced lunge into the scene.

How Much Does P50 Series Cost?

Given the limitations on 5G connectivity and delays that can be seen as affecting the relevance of the P50 series. The starting price of Huawei p50 in China is €600/$712. However, the price of p50 pro is €800/$950. Both have almost similar features. You can verify the Huawei p50 price on Amazon and other online platforms.

Features Huawei P50 Pro

Here are features of Huawei p50 pro:
⦁ 6.6″ 2400×1224 Curved Edge OLED
⦁ Touch screen sampling rate 300 Hz
⦁ 120 Hz
⦁ 1440Hz high frame rate PWM dimming (reduces eye strain)
⦁ 1.07 billion colors
⦁ 450 ppi
⦁ Processor Kirin 9000 4G / Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G (varies by release period / market)
⦁ 8 GB or 12 GB RAM
⦁ 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB storage
⦁ NM card expandable up to 256 GB
⦁ Rear Dual Matrix Cameras:
⦁ 50Mp f/8 ‘True-Chroma’ main with OIS
⦁ 40Mp f/6 ‘True-Chroma’, monochrome
⦁ 13Mp f/2 120° ultra wide
⦁ 64Mp f/5 periscope telephoto lens w/ OIS (3.5x optical zoom, maximum range 200x zoom)
⦁ 13Mp f/4 100° hole punch front camera
⦁ Two SIM cards
⦁ Colours: Cocoa Gold, Pearl White, Charming Pink, Golden Black, Dynamic Sky Blue (market dependent)

What About P50 Pro+?

Huawei’s 90-minute presentation on July 29 focused on the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro, but the long-rumored P50 Pro+ hasn’t received a single confirmation. Assuming Huawei didn’t just drop the Pro+ model due to the P50 and Pro’s hectic path to market, here’s everything we expect to be in this elusive third member of the lineup based on prominent leaks and rumors.
Since photography has been the focus of the P series, according to multiple Chinese sources, there has been extensive talk about Huawei’s use of “liquid lenses” – something rival Xiaomi has already introduced in its first foldable Mi Mix Fold.

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