EV Battery Technology Courses Online

 EV Battery Technology Courses Online EV Battery Technology Courses Online

The EV Battery Engineer Course is an online program. The tenure of the online program is three months. The available mode of learning is Online or distance. The online program, similar to the Battery Engineer course, aims to provide technical knowledge to students. The course enhances the technical skills of the students to install, upgrade, and maintain EV batteries installed in electric vehicles.

EV battery engineer course in detail 

The courses will enhance the skills by

  • Skill improvements in the application of Lithium technology
  • Knowledge in balancing Cell system
  • Fixing the failure modes 
  • Diagnose the EV issues 

Criteria of the courses 

  • Students who have passed the 12th class examination with any subject like Science and Mathematics or any of its equivalent
  • Candidates working in the Solar Sector or any energy sector will be on the preferred list for this course. 

Course in detail 

  • The detailed procedure to replace the battery system instead of repairing it. 
  • Details of the advantages and disadvantages related to Lithium technology and the automotive formats of the lithium battery. 
  • Description of the entire charging and discharging procedure of the lithium battery cell. 
  • Describing the installation purpose and operation details of the battery contactors. The course also describes the Pre-Charge circuit and Current Sensor of the EV system. 
  • The air and liquid cooling components in the EV battery management are purposed to balance the cells. 
  • The difference between the SOC% of a duplicate displays battery pack and the SOC% of the actual battery pack. 
  • Calculating the relatable growth of the SEI layer for battery operation purposes. 
  • Description of the failure mode in the EV system and the functions of positive and negative electrodes, and the difference between battery power consumption and battery capacity. 
  • The details related to the Stress Test Process of the battery system and the plan of action. 
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The application procedure for the course

Candidates can apply online to get admission to Battery Technology Courses in India. Only the shortlisted candidates can get admission after the proper admission procedure. However, candidates have to take admission before the last date of admission. As only a limited number of seats for this online course, only the candidates with enough qualifications and experience will be given the privilege. 

Some institutions providing this course may arrange entrance exams and personal interviews. The candidates have to submit the originals in the interview phase. Even there might be more than one phase of admission if the number of vacant seats is not fulfilled during the first phase. However, the admission procedure will be the same as before. 

Program fees 

The course fee will vary depending on the institution the candidate is applying. However, the approximate course fee will be RS 15,000 to 18,000. Some institutions also provide EMI options to students. The shortlisted candidates, before taking admission, can ask for the payment details. 

Course equivalent to 

Following are the courses equivalent to the EV battery technology course 

  • Solar technician course
  • Solar Technician ITI course
  • Solar Technician training
  • Government solar training 2020
  • Government certificate course in solar Energy
  • Solar certificate course

Job opportunities 

After successfully completing the EV Battery Technology Courses in Bangalore, candidates can apply to both Government and Private sectors for placement offers. 

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