Engineering and the world of opportunities


Engineering is one of the most important subjects that are taught today. The need for engineers never runs out. If you’re aspiring to be an engineer, a top engineering college in Delhi can help you out. Let’s take a look at the primary aspects of engineering.

What are the options available for engineering?

When taking an engineering course, you get several streams to choose from. Popular streams are electrical, mechanical, computer science, biotechnology, etc. Some of the rarer courses that people take are chemistry, forensic science, and mechatronics. However, all the streams provide equal opportunities for getting lucrative jobs.

Computer Science Btech is high in demand after covid-19 due to the boom of online businesses. Due to the shift of most businesses online, technology services have become focused on IT.

When am I eligible for engineering?

To get a Btech degree, you need to have two essential qualifications. You need to have studied science in class 12 and passed with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. A score of 50 % is a prerequisite for being eligible for a Btech degree. Alternatively, if you are taking Biotech, biology is mandatory.

Next, the students applying to Btech need to appear for different entrance exams. Some of the most renowned entrance tests are JEE mains, BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEE, AP EAMCET, WBJEE, etc. Qualifying these tests indicates that you’re eligible for taking up an engineering degree.

Job opportunities after engineering?

The world of engineering is vast and has multiple job options. Different types of engineers get placed in industries according to their skill sets. Civil Engineers generally acquire jobs in the infrastructure and development industry. Contrary to this, Computer Science Btech students get jobs in the IT services industry.

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Top recruiting companies from Btech courses include TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, L&T, Amazon, etc.

Apart from national scale opportunities, as a student of engineering, international exposure is quite common. You may get international opportunities in two ways:

  • An MNC based in India may send you outside the country for an offshore project.
  • A foreign MNC may seek to recruit you and place you at a foreign office.

Indian Engineers have a high demand in international markets. Getting a Btech degree from a top engineering college in Delhi gives you a larger pool of options and opportunities abroad. The countries most likely to hire Indian engineers are the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand.

We recommend getting an engineering degree and giving a kickstart to your career immediately. Engineering contrary, to popular belief, is a very creative stream. Projects and internships involve you in developing new technology.

The results of your efforts in this field are tangible. Several colleges in Delhi provide engineering degrees. You can search the web to find websites of these colleges.

It is suggested that you submit an inquiry to get more details about the courses available at a specific college. Remember to consider the placements and companies that appear for campus recruitment at the college you’re prospecting. Go online and find the perfect college for you immediately!

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