Employee Drug Testing – Multi-Panel vs. Single-Panel Drug Test Kits

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Safety in the workplace is one of the most important factors. The duty of safety at work lies with the employer. One strategy to ensure a risk-free workplace is to eliminate the possibility that any workers are taking drugs. Effective drug screening programs in the workplace contribute to higher levels of legal compliance, reduced employees’ compensation claims, and less legal challenges for businesses. Furthermore, it fortifies confidence between staff and management.

Employers may evaluate workers’ potential for substance addiction in a number of ways, including pre-employment testing, scheduled testing, and random checks.
Many companies conduct drug tests for employees, but one common query concerns the differences between the various test panels. To answer this question, read on:

Single-Panel Drug Test

An employee’s saliva or urine may be tested for the presence of drugs using a single-panel drug test kit.
They’re not too costly, can be used by anybody, and provide results right away.

Multi-Panel Drug Test

Up to 14 substance groups may be tested with a single Multi-Panel Drug Test Kit. Moreover, they may screen for many substances in a single sample, including but not limited to: amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, opiates, and oxycodone.
Numerous different types of specialized drug testing courses include these drug panels. The panel number indicates the total number of compounds evaluated. A 6-panel test, for example, can detect six different drugs.

There is no difference in reasoning between a 5-panel, 10-panel, or 12-panel drug test. A company should check local screening legislation to make sure its drug testing and other personnel screening practices are legal. It is possible to seek the advice of attorneys while developing a thorough drug testing program.

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Benefits of Drug Test Kits

Drug testing kits may be single- or multi-panel affairs, with the latter being more common. One of the best things about these solutions is that the testing card is built right into the cups, so you never have to handle the sample. Peel off the label to see the results of the tests that were performed. Here some other benefits of these test kits that you can’t ignore.

Cost and Effectiveness:

When there is reason to suspect drug usage of a certain kind in the workplace, a single drug test may help identify the substance in question. Multi-panel kits, on the other hand, may test for a wider variety of substances in a shorter amount of time, allowing for more thorough verification that no potentially dangerous drugs have been consumed.

As they include tests for more than one chemical, multi-panel tests are more expensive than single-panel ones. It’s also worth noting that when screening for many drugs at once, the cost each test usually goes down.
Therefore, there is a clear benefit to using a multi-panel drug testing kit over a single-panel drug screening test.

Split Key Cup:

In multi-panel divided cups, the sample being tested is kept isolated from the testing area till the key is placed. For further security, use split key cups to secure your samples. The patient can’t fake a negative result by filling the cup with water to get a negative result, then pee in it and hand it to the expert, who will never know what happened.

It’s their responsibility to pass over the container, and when the key is placed, the test may begin. In this way, the company may start the test whenever it’s most convenient for them, and they can take as much or as little time as they need to view the results. It also makes it possible to conduct additional tests on the urine stored in the primary urine collection container.

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Adulteration Tests

Samples may be tested for manipulation using these kits. Many people try to fool a drug test using different additives, known as adulteration.
Adulteration due to the addition of a base or an acid (altering the pH), thinning the urine, infusing Nitrite, etc. may all be detected by using kits containing adulteration detecting strips. Fiddled specimens may be exposed using this method. The adulteration feature makes the drug tests a little more expensive due to the additional chemicals in the test device.

Where To Get Drug Test Kits

When contemplating drug screening for your staff, it is imperative that you, as an owner, be well-informed about your options. If just one drug has to be checked for, a test kit with a single panel should do the trick. When looking for many substances at once, however, a multi-panel testing is your best bet due to its convenience and versatility. The drug testing kits sold by DrugTestKitUSA come in both single- and multiple-panel configurations. Check out the products here.

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