Does Bike Insurance Policy Cover Engine Repair

Does Bike Insurance Policy Cover Engine Repair

When you buy a new bike, you not only own a two-wheeler machine but also a lot of new responsibilities.  Yes, that’s true because you have to take care of your new prized possession very well to keep the machine going strong for long. So, you have to get the regular repairs and servicing done. Along with that you also have to get your bike insured with mandatory third-party bike insurance online and renew it regularly without fail. This way you can stay protected from any third-party liabilities as well as can roam freely without the hassle of being caught by traffic cops.    

However, if you want your two-wheeler to stay protected against your own damages incurred on your bike, you have to procure a comprehensive or standalone own damage insurance policy. This is because a third-party policy cannot cover your bike against the loss or damage caused to your own vehicle. Along with buying bike insurance online that covers your bike’s damages, you can also buy add-on protection to enhance that cover.

One such cover or add-on that protects your bike’s engine is the Engine protection add-on cover.  

Let us understand some details of this add-on policy.

So, what is an Engine Protection Add-on?

An Engine Protection Add-on is an extra cover that can be bought along with comprehensive bike insurance online. You may know that most vehicle insurance policies do not provide coverage against engines. This is because repairing an engine is a costly affair. So, anyone willing to get their bike engine covered against damages should opt for an engine protection add-on.

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The damages to an engine can be due to any reason, like poor maintenance, water ingression, etc. But the repairs of such damage can surely make a hole in your pocket. So, having an engine protection add-on can serve as a huge benefit in such situations.

Since you know the meaning and requirement of the engine protection add-on, you must also delve into the features and benefits of this cover.

Engine Protection Add-on – features and benefits

  • You get financial protection in the event of damage caused to your bike engine due to any reason like oil leakage etc.
  • You also get protection against physical damages incurred by some parts of your bike engine and gearbox.
  • It allows monetary protection against the most costly part of the vehicle.
  • The cover serves best for people living in flood-prone areas as well as for those procuring new bikes. 
  • You can get quick recovery of your bike engine with this coverage in hand in any of the network garages.
  • Further, you get another most important thing, which is your peace of mind of being safe from financial liability in case of engine damage.

Now that you know how beneficial this add-on cover is, you must also consider the inclusions of this cover.

Engine Protection Cover – Inclusions

So, the things that are covered under the bike insurance online add-on cover are:

  • Bike engine damage covers against water ingression, which can be due to floods. In such a case, you will get compensated by your insurer. 
  • If there is any leakage of lubricant in your bike, which is the cause of the damage in that case, you will get compensation from the insurer.
  • Also, if your bike engine receives any damage/loss due to accidents, you can claim reimbursement for such damages also.
  • Further, if there is any case of engine failure while trying to start it, even in that case you can claim for the repairs from your insurer.
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Let us now check how you can raise claims for the Engine Protection add-on cover

So, below are the steps that might help in the smooth claim raising under Engine Protection Cover:

  • The first step is to inform the insurer about the damage that your engine has incurred.
  • Second step is to take enough proof like pictures or make a video to show it to the insurer.
  • You should also keep all the documents ready so you can raise the claim easily.
  •  Here, the insurer will send a surveyor to check the condition of your bike’s engine. Make sure to cooperate with him/her.
  • Once the process of inspection is done and the surveyor approves the claim, the insurer will compensate for it and the insured will get the reimbursement in a few days.  

If you are looking for financial assistance to cover against internal parts of your bike like engine’s repair or replacement, you must seek an engine protection add-on cover with your bike insurance online.

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