4 things you can do with a degree in digital marketing

degree in digital marketing

Undoubtedly, as technology makes new and innovative advancements, we only add more to the time spent online.

Businesses are taking advantage of this practice by digitizing their operations and finding ways to reach as many customers as possible.

One of those successful ways has been digital marketing which has been the talk of the town in the corporate world.

Digital marketing has transformed the way brands attract customers; however, a more drastic transformation came to be due to the global health crises that compelled every enterprise and customer alike to rely solely on digital channels.

The result was that businesses realized the significance of digital marketing and invested in establishing a well-known name in the market.

What makes digital marketing an interesting area of study is that it is continuously evolving. Apps, technologies, and strategies are changing how businesses attract buyers, creating a diverse learning process.

Several in the field of business management are unaware of the benefits digital marketing offers, thus lagging in beating the competitors.

Those wanting to pursue a career in digital marketing might be skeptical about job opportunities. Still, digital marketing is a vast field with numerous prospects regarding the growth and pay, making it one of the must-have skills today.

Digital marketing has no limitations regarding professional background, unlike the other fields; you only need a few basic skills or interests to start your career.

However, if you’re wondering what can you do with a digital media degree, keep reading to find out.

1.  VR Developer

Virtual reality is a rapidly growing area of the tech industry, with the demand for virtual reality developers increasing day by day.

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People with a background in design, gaming, and programming usually become a part of this field, considering they have exceptional skills.

VR Developer
VR Developer

A VR developer looks over the development of a VR application, updates the system, identifies the risks, and eliminates them.

As a developer, you won’t have to worry about the sound design but pay attention to writing the code for the app.

Although gaming is the key sector for VR developers to work in, other industries like architecture, education, and retail look forward to an immersive experience, thus incorporating different VR techniques.

Getting the headset is the first step toward getting into VR, which doesn’t mean you spend all of your money on it; just buy the one that’s cheap and has basic features to help you grasp it.

Buy a software development kit with developer samples, guidelines, and libraries to practice building a VR app.

On average, the salary varies depending on the years of experience, but a rough estimate is around 90,000 to 100,000 USD yearly.

2.  Email Marketing Specialist

The key aspect of growing a business is attracting as many customers as possible, which means utilizing every source. One of those sources requires the expertise of an email marketing specialist.

A digital marketing strategy is effective when an email marketing expert is on board to understand the technicalities of email, secure conversations, and build rapport with potential consumers.

An email marketing specialist works on email automation software and sends emails and newsletters with the prospect of building brand awareness and establishing a name in the competitive market.

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Professionals working must know about creating an email list, setting up automation workflows, and, most importantly, having the know-how to drive email conversations. 

Besides looking over emails, expert email marketing professionals create digital ads, analyze campaign results, send graphic requests to designers, and help with additional digital marketing-related tasks.

The yearly salary of an email marketing expert is around $75,000, depending on the skill level and years of experience.

3.  UX Designer

A UX designer is primarily concerned with developing websites and digital marketing apps. To pursue this field, you must have a technical background or an experience in high-end design.

In terms of work, as a UX designer, you will have a free hand to make products and technology more fun, accessible, and convenient for consumers.

UX Designer
Programmer and UX UI designer working in software development and coding technologies. Mobile and website design and programming development technology.

Mostly a UX designer works on bridging the gap between users, development teams, and business stakeholders.

Customers are a top priority for UX professionals; every new feature, upgrade in the existing apps, or new product has a single purpose, improving the overall consumer experience.

An exceptional designer knows how to balance meeting a business’s demands and fulfilling customer needs.

The role of a UX designer is a key factor in optimizing an e-commerce website which is significant in driving prospects and enabling customers to browse and buy.

As a UX designer, you will have the opportunity to take on the lead role in project management for visual design and testing when creating an app.

As the tech industry evolves, the demand for UX designers has also increased, portraying a promising outlook career-wise.

Salary is market-competitive, so cultivating your skills is critical to reaping benefits in the long term to stand out in the market.

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4.  SEO Expert

The key factor that drives digital marketing campaigns is search engine optimization, demonstrating technical skills and tools to help businesses prosper.

Though specializing in SEO is challenging due to fluctuating algorithms, those with skills not only benefit businesses but also climb the success ladder.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Online Marketing Concept.

An expert performs page optimization across a website to ensure organic traffic, improve user experience, and increase lead generation and brand awareness.

SEO experts conduct keyword research, leveraging tools like google analytics to increase the page’s visibility on Google.

Businesses fall under the limelight when their online presence increases with user engagement and traffic, which an SEO expert ensures are up to the mark.

Some responsibilities of an SEO expert include ensuring the best practices are followed by collaborating with the web development team, executing a link-building strategy, and making relevant changes to the website to increase visibility.

The salary of SEO experts varies on their role because SEO is performed both on a small and large scale. The paygrade also depends on the position within the organization.


There is no denying that, with time, digital marketing has transformed how business owners elevate their startups.

The change has significantly been due to the global health crisis driving businesses to switch to online platforms to attract customers and increase revenue.

Those unaware of the benefits of digital marketing are far behind on the road to success. So, to build a successful future in the corporate world or help businesses prosper, you must study digital marketing to hone valuable skills in the job market.

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