The advent of technology has made the world a better place in almost every area. One of the latest technology that stunned the world with its amazing benefits is cryptocurrency.

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that serves as alternative means of payment to cash, cheque, credit cards, and gift cards. It uses deep encryption technology to maintain and regulate the safe generation of units of currencies, verify funds transfer, and operate independently without the control of a sole organization. The central bank of any country controls cryptocurrency, and you do not need a third party to own it because it is virtual and only exists in computers.

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Cryptocurrency is the new world order. Almost everyone worldwide is hopping on the wave to reap its benefits, and it’s a very good thing that Ghanaians are not left out.

There are over 1000 different cryptocurrencies in use in Ghana, but the most popular, as you might have noticed, is bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to gain loads of traction in Ghana. Although Ghanaians were first skeptical about it, when they heard of its profound benefits, they decided to hop on the wave too.

If you want to take control of your finances and be in complete charge, owning trading bitcoin is the safest means. When bitcoin was first created and introduced into the market in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, one bitcoin was valued at 1 USD. Since then, the price of bitcoin has increased exponentially and is almost 60,000 USD. That means, if you had one bitcoin in 2008, you should be a millionaire by now. We can’t say the same for our local banks where you save money for years and end up with little or no profit.

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The only downside to owning bitcoin is that its value depreciates sometimes, but that wouldn’t affect the volume in your possession. So much so that, whenever the value increases, the value of the volume in your possession increases too.

You can see that bitcoin is the best financial decision someone can make. However, to access your profit from bitcoin, you’ll have to sell your bitcoin, and to sell, you need a reliable exchange platform. Selling bitcoin in Ghana is a piece of cake if only you can find the right platform. Don’t look too far as the best platform to sell bitcoin in Ghana is Dart Africa.

What is Dart Africa?

Dart Africa is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform created for Ghanaians to sell cryptocurrencies without any stress. By using dart Africa to sell your bitcoin, you are protecting yourself from falling into the hands of scammers. Dart Africa saw the need to create a safe for bitcoin owners in Ghana, and they have achieved that since they launched.

Dart Africa has recorded over 2000 successful exchange transactions on their platform, and it is through this success, they have continued to be Ghanaians favorite exchange platform.

Even more, dart Africa possesses all the good qualities that a reliable exchange platform should possess, and some of them are:

User-friendly platform: Dart Africa is intuitive and user-friendly in itself. It doesn’t require any assistance to operate. All you need is a phone and internet connection to use the platform, and everything else from there is easy.

Fast payment: Dart Africa doesn’t delay payment at all. As long as they can confirm and verify your transaction, your account will be credited within minutes.

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Responsive customer service: Dart Africa has a strong customer service team that is always available to attend to your needs.

Best rates: Dart Africa sells at the best rates as compared to another exchange platform in Ghana. That is why Ghanaians keep patronizing them. They also allow you to calculate the current bitcoin rate using the added feature of a coin calculator on their website.

How to sell bitcoin on Dart Africa

Selling bitcoin on Dart Africa is very easy because of the user-friendly platform. To sell bitcoin on Dart Africa, you must have created an account on the platform and added an active bank account to receive payment.

To create an account on Dart Africa is easy. All you need to do is follow the direction listed below.

  • Visit the Dart Africa website at dartafricaio.
  • Click on sign up here.
  • Input a username, valid email address, valid phone number, and a personalized password.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of Dart Africa.
  • Click on create an account, and voila, you have immediately become a member of Dart Africa.

After creating an account, you become eligible for your own Dart Africa bitcoin wallet with which you can perform any transaction on the platform. Now, you can proceed to sell your bitcoin. Note that Dart Africa only allows sales of bitcoin worth 20$ and upwards.

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on sell now, and you’re immediately directed to your personalized dashboard.
  • Select type of coin
  • Enter the amount to calculate coins, and dart Africa will display the equivalent amount in USD and GHS.
  • Click on sell coins now.
  • Send the number of coins to the wallet provided to you, or you can scan the QR code, and your wallet will be credited immediately after two block confirmations.
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