Can Modern Remote Car Keys Be Copied?

Can Modern Remote Car Keys Be Copied?

It’s smart to keep an extra car key or several keys to use in case you misplace the original one. For safety, many people leave the duplicate with their trusted family members. Even so, misplacing or losing a car key is possible, or even likely. Hire experts who offer auto locksmith services to make you copies of your car keys for use in case of emergencies. 

An Overview of Modern Remote Car Keys

When you purchase a vehicle, the car dealership will typically issue you two car keys. But if you buy a secondhand car, you may get only one car key. The following are reasons you can get one key from a car dealer: 

  • The previous owner failed to return or lost the other key
  • The car was reclaimed, and the reclaiming agency only returned one key to avoid the extra cost

You should not have only a single key because if you misplace it, you may be unable to use your car when you require it most.

How Can You Get Your Duplicate Car Key Made?

Luckily, you don’t have to only depend on the dealership to get a second key. You can get a duplicate transponder or smart key for your car without the high costs of a dealership process. 

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Since most new vehicles today use remote control keys or key fobs, getting a second key will require you to work with a reputed locksmith. A locksmith has lock expertise that will enable them to duplicate and program a smart key for you. An extra key from a locksmith service can be less costly than buying from the dealership.

Can You Get a Duplicate Key If the Original One Is Lost?

If you have lost your original key and have no extra key, an experienced locksmith can replace your key. Follow the following steps if you find yourself in such a challenging situation:

Know Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The VIN of your car is a combination of digits and letters. You can find it on the dashboard on the driver’s side where it is easily visible through the window. The number may also be displayed or stamped on other parts of your car, including the trunk, door jamb, rear wheel, and engine block.

Have Your Car Details

Know the model, make, and year of your car. The locksmith service providers will require these details to make and program a key.

Contact Auto Locksmith Services

Before you go to expensive dealers, call an auto locksmith service. The cost of auto locksmith services is friendlier than that of a dealership. The locksmith services are also much faster than dealership services.

Get a Key Made Before You Need One

Car keys are usually small and can easily get lost underneath couch cushions, inside coat pockets, or disappear. You may also be stuck with a damaged car key that makes it hard to unlock your door. Your car key may also get broken inside your vehicle, delaying you for hours. Whatever the situation, emergency auto locksmith services can handle the problem with utmost care and precision. 

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