Best architectural visualization studios in South East Asia (particularly Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam)

Best architectural visualization studios

Long, long ago, when people still used stone tools and ate meat raw, computers were very, very slow. Then one day, they got a lot better. In fact, they became so good that they could be used to make pictures of stuff-even stuff that didn’t exist yet. This made people who built buildings very happy.

Architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is the process of creating digital models of structures, buildings, and spaces using complex modeling methods and powerful rendering computers. The field gives architectural and property developers a deep cache of tools and techniques to play with, from virtual reality-enabled tours to highly accurate verified views used to support planning applications.

Now they’d be able to see if the buildings they wanted to build them first. This was just the opportunity the uncommonly smart and best architectural visualization studios in South East Asia (particularly Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam) have been waiting for.


  • Architecture CGI

Architecture CGI (also referred to as Still Renders, Computer Generated Images (CGI), Marketing Renders, or CG Renders) offer a realistic representation of future buildings, interior spaces, and landscapes. We create such images on behalf of developers in support of their property branding, sales, and marketing endeavors. On occasion, we collaborate with architects, interior designers, and landscape architects to visualize their designs and ideas as part of architecture competitions and client presentations.

  • Product CGI

Product Renders offer an alternative to product photography. We work alongside furniture designers, product designers, manufacturers, and architects by visualizing their concepts, plans, and drawings.

Note: We mostly do this for custom-designed furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, chaises, beds, etc, and sometimes for other product prototypes such as electronics, cars, yachts, etc.

  • Animated Still Renders
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Animated Still Renders (sometimes referred to as Animated Images or Cinemagraphs) are seamlessly-looping animated images that give the viewer the illusion they are watching an animation. Imagine a still photograph with moving clouds, shadows, vehicles or trees, and curtains blowing in the wind. These Animated Still Renders often highlight the most impressive spaces a project has to offer and are frequently used for social media, digital advertising, on websites, and as backgrounds. Our solutions range from simple yet budget-friendly animated effects to pricier complex looping animations.

  • Interactive Renders

Interactive Renders, sometimes introduced as Fluid Images, engage users by allowing them to change the look and feel of an image with a simple touch. We offer such interactive reality solutions to digital & branding agencies, marketing teams, and real estate developers.

  • Virtual Renders

Virtual Renders (also called 360° Images or 360 Virtual Reality Tours) allow users to immerse themselves in the future. We develop such Virtual Renders on behalf of property developers, project marketing agencies, and real estate sales teams that utilize our 360° images as part of their property portals, apps, and project websites.

  • Architectural Animation

Architectural Animations (commonly referred to as Animation, Walkthrough, Fly-through, computer-animated simulation, CG Motion Picture, Brand Film, Real Estate Trailer, or simply Property TVC) are generally short films of and/or about property projects. We specialize in CG modeling and rendering and work alongside producers, production houses, and property branding agencies.

  • Architecture Plans

Architecture Plans may refer to a variety of two-dimensional plans. We specialize in creating visually stunning 3d plans ranging from masterplans and site/location plans to 3d dwelling plans, floor plates, floor plans or detailed cross-section images and isometric plans.

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  • Aerial Photography    
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Aerial Photos are often used to showcase the location, site context, and views of buildings. We generally get commissioned either during the planning, design or pre-construction phase by real estate developers, project managers, architects and property branding agencies as we specialise in the planning and production of aerial photos that integrate with Architecture Renders.   

  • Model Photography    

Model Photography in combination with Architecture Renders used to be reserved for high-end developments that enjoy big production budgets. This is no more the case due to our specialised expertise and efficient production workflow that provides innovative branding & public relations agencies, project marketers, and developers with original and visually stunning images.   

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