Best 10 Ways to increase Wifi Router Speed

increase Wi-Fi Router Speed

Why Your Wi-Fi Is Slow

There are many possible reasons for slow connection speed. Physical barriers, such as walls and floors, can affect wireless signals. The distance between the device and the access point and the number of devices using your Wi-Fi network will also impact the connection speed. Even simple things like adjusting the height of your router off the floor can impact its performance.

Be sure to talk with your Internet service provider to make sure you’re paying for the speed you need. Different providers offer different speeds, and you may not have the package that is the best fit for your connectivity needs.

Three main factors impact the speed of your Internet connection—the placement of the router, the technology, and the devices that are connected to it.

Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

A decent Router can have an enormous effect on the speed of your internet association. Be that as it may if you don’t have the cash to fork out on a top-of-the-range model, what different roads are available to you?

Assuming you need to realize how to Optimize Router settings for speed or set up the best Router design for Faster internet, continue to peruse.

1. Automate a Reboot Schedule

Most more up-to-date Routers shouldn’t be rebooted routinely. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you’ve run at any point ever into a dead internet association, rebooting your Router is regularly everything necessary to get you back fully operational.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you end up rebooting the Router with any consistency, the DD-WRT and Tomato firmware choices both have coordinated reboot alternatives. Set it to reboot one time each day while you’re dozing, and you’ll never at any point notice the vacation while the Router controls off and begins back up.

2. Make Your Router Faster With a New Antenna

A basic method to make a Router Faster is to purchase another Antenna.

The Antenna on most shopper-grade Routers is terrible. An intensified reseller’s exchange Antenna is an extraordinary fix and a basic method to work on signal quality (and in this manner further develop speed) without the requirement for another gadget. Fueled and Optimized secondary selling choices start at around $15 and go as far as possible up into the low $100s.

Module range extenders are a bit more costly, however, they go about as a fueled receiving wire and Wireless repeater in one. They can offer a critical improvement to homes with no man’s lands or sign debasement, yet your situation will be unique.

3. Disable Older Wireless Protocols

How would you upgrade Router settings for speed? One of the primary things you can consider is winding down old Wireless Protocols.

More current Routers on the 802.11ac Protocol offer abilities far surpassing many ISPs’ administration contributions. While the Router may be quick, a considerable lot of your gadgets are most likely utilizing more established Protocols, for example, 802.11g—which dials the whole Network back when this gadget interfaces. Preferably, you should eliminate any gadget you see utilizing b or g Protocols.

The quickest Protocols, arranged by quickest to slowest, are ac > n > g > b.

Counsel your Router documentation to discover how to do this.

4. Change the Channel Width

Shouldn’t something be said about the best Router settings to further develop speed on your nearby Network? For instance, how might you make a video transfer between your gadgets all the more rapidly?

The best Router arrangement for neighborhood speed frequently involves changing the channel width. The more extensive the width, the more that more seasoned gadgets on more established Protocols will experience the ill effects of impedance.

You can even take it one step further by reading our article on channel bonding for Wi-Fi routers.

5. Keep Your Router Updated

One of the most ignored approaches to amplify Router speed is to guarantee your Router is continually running the most recent programming and firmware from the maker.

Without a doubt, the updates are typically security fixes, however, they’re not going to unexpectedly make your Router bursting quick. In any case, each gradual addition can help. On the off chance that you’ve not updated in some time, you may see all the more a lift as opposed to what you’d anticipate.

6. Experiment With Router Location

It’s not just with regards to tracking down the best Router settings for quick internet. You likewise need to think about where you’re setting your Router in your home.

Since the Router rivals each other 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz gadgets in your space, unobtrusive developments frequently improve things greatly. Furthermore, the structure material of your home may meddle with the Wireless sign. Strong substantial dividers are famously hard for a Wi-Fi association to go through.

7. Optimize Your Router’s Channel Settings

We should look again at how to make a Router Faster by enhancing the settings.

Have you considered changing the Router’s channel? There are a lot of free apparatuses that will filter your neighborhood wireless transmissions for the channels with the least obstruction. They will then, at that point recommend which channel you should change too.

You need to change the channel from inside the Router’s settings. Indeed, you’ll discover how to do this utilizing your gadget’s documentation or online assistance page.

Assuming you need to know more, look at our article on the most proficient method to pick the best Wi-Fi channel for your Router.

8. Switch the Router to a Different Band

An average home is loaded with remote gadgets. Fortunately, with a double or tri-band Router, you’ll have the ability to isolate them to expand speeds.

In straightforward terms, you’re opening one more path for network traffic. While a one-path street will get you there, two (or three) paths are better for all interested parties.

On the off chance that you have a double band Router, you could dole out some to the extra (and ordinarily less swarmed) 5GHz band rather than every one of your gadgets seeking space in the 2.4GHz band.

We’ve expounded on the best double band Routeres you can purchase if you’d prefer to know more.

9. Change Your Organization Name and Password

A great deal of in any case educated individuals actually utilize the default username and secret key on their Router. Indeed, even transitional programmers are fit for hacking generally secure Networks with non-default passwords.

Utilizing a solid Wi-Fi Password is similarly significant. While you may work effectively of separating your gadgets into independent groups, refreshing your firmware, and exchanging stations during high traffic periods, it’s every one of them a waste of time if your neighbors are piggybacking your Wi-Fi and utilizing it to deluge motion pictures the entire day.

10. Install New Firmware

Numerous Routeres keep the settings moderately faker confirmation with the goal that you don’t mess anything up. While this is incredible for most clients, in some cases you simply need to make a plunge and hack the settings until you’re running a Router that far surpasses its sticker price.

There are a few open-source firmware alternatives for the absolute most well-known Routeres. While only one out of every odd Router is upheld, there is no deficiency of incredible choices. They can assist you with accelerating a Netgear Router, track down the best settings for a TP-Connection Router, and make pretty much any brand of Router run Faster.

DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and Tomato make the absolute most famous outsider firmware.

Remember that if you stay with your ISP’s equipment, putting in new firmware isn’t a choice. That is one reason it’s a smart thought to supplant your ISP’s Router with a locally acquired one.

Optimize Your Router Settings for Speed

Ideally, this article has told you the best way to augment your Router’s speed and recognize the best arrangement for Faster internet.

A portion of the means may sound somewhat convoluted, yet on the off chance that you require some investment to learn and comprehend the changes that are accessible to you, you will speed up in minutes.

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