Beautiful Packaging of Gifts for Your Close One’s on Valentine’s

Beautiful Packaging of Gifts for Your Close One's

Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving gifts from your loved ones. You can use your custom boxes to surprise your significant other as these are the best gifting solutions in the market. They are available in a variety of customizable shapes and attractive sizes. The best part is that these are fully printable, so you can personalize them according to your desires. If you are looking for packaging ideas that can help you with creating the perfect gift for this occasion, then you are at the right place. Here you will know about the trendiest packaging styles that you can opt for.

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1. Pillow Packaging

Pillow boxes are undoubtedly one of the well-known forms of packaging that can be used for gifting purposes. It is because these have a unique shape and smaller size that can easily fit in your pocket. However, these are mostly used for smaller gift items. For instance, if you are gifting earrings to your loved one, so instead of using a bigger box with defined edges, you can use a pillow box. To give it Valentine’s touch, you can use the color red and typography techniques to make it more special. You can print their name or love quotes on these packages to celebrate your love. 

2. Round Boxes

Round boxes are instantly able to uplift the mood of any recipient of the gift. It is because when people are presented with something unique, they are more likely to like the gift. It is why round packaging can be ideal for this purpose. You can fit in whatever products you want in it to gift to your significant other. You can color the packaging with red and white hues to hint at the occasion. Decorate the detachable top lid with ribbons to create a premium feeling for the recipient. You also have the option to attach pictures of you and them on the top lid, or you can print them on postcards and place them inside the box. 

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3. Heart-Shaped Packaging

Thanks to the materials used for the production of these custom packages, these can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. One of these attractive shapes is a heart-shaped box. There is no packaging more perfect than this one because it is literally in the shape of a heart. This packaging speaks for itself by its shape. It helps with making the other person feel special as it is perfect for the occasion. You can gift chocolates or candies in these boxes to make the other person happy. If you have decided to gift them chocolates already, then adding a custom die-cut window in the top lid will be a great idea. It will exhibit what you have gifted them, and it will surely bring a smile to their face. 

4. Work on the Insides

If you like to surprise people or if your significant other loves surprises, then this tip is for you. You can keep everything simple on the outside with no printing and extra illustrations. Keep it plain and boring on the outsides and work on the insides. It can be done with the help of printing and customizations. You can add in custom inserts that are colored red and white. Also, you can print the insides with pictures and use your text to tell them how special they are. This inside design will surprise them as they would not be expecting anything special on the inside as the outer side of the box was plain.

5. Give Boxes a Personalized Touch

As these custom packages are fully printable; so you should design them in a manner that feels relatable for the person you are gifting them to. You can print images of the place where you first met or about the day when you first dated. Print about your most memorable moments together and mention the common memories that you both share. It will make sure that the packaging is more attractive than the product itself is. 

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6. Say It with Illustrations and Colors

If you do not look for anything dramatic and still want to make a good gift packaging, then follow this tip. You can search about the latest design trends near the occasion and use them on your packaging. If you think that it is too big of a task for you, then hire the services of a professional designer. They know how to play with colors and illustrations to catch someone’s attention. Use heart-shaped graphics coupled with red and white colors to give it Valentine’s touch. 

There are a lot of ideas that you can implement in your custom boxes to give them a special touch for Valentine’s Day. After going through the points and ideas mentioned above, you must know what you want. So the first step now should be to get in touch with a designer of your choice and then contact a packaging manufacturer. Follow the tips and express your love through your creative packaging.