Are Halfway Houses the Right Option for you?

Halfway Houses

Before you wonder whether you are a right fit for a halfway house, you must know what halfway houses are. They are transitional living arrangements for addicts, incarcerated, or homeless people. It trains them for life outside the four walls – by making them do chores, preparing food, searching for jobs, etc. In Colorado, several halfway houses cater to offering you a slice of independent life. If you or your loved one has exhibited an addiction to alcohol or narcotics, an environment like this can be quite beneficial. 

It is not enough to know which halfway houses in Colorado may be right for you. You must also ask yourself if your mind and body are ready for a halfway house. 

When should you consider joining a halfway house during your treatment process? 

Halfway houses have worked great for those who are nervous about re-joining their old life. If they fear doing everything on their own or do not have adequate support back at home, they should consider joining a halfway house. Many people who join have already been in rigorous inpatient programs. For them, it is simply the next step in their recovery. Some also prefer staying at a halfway house while having joined an outpatient program. A combination of both pays attention to both your quality of life and your addiction levels.

If you are still unsure about opting for sober living at a halfway house, you can consult your therapist or ask someone experienced at your AA/NA meeting.  

How is staying at a halfway house in Colorado distinct from staying at home?

Firstly, living in a halfway house is a kind of community living. With other people, you all make a concerted effort to stay sober and motivated to be better. Hence, you receive sufficient support to do your chores and other household tasks, attend 12-step-meetings regularly and become an active member in the house. Secondly, life is more independent and accountability-free back at home. In halfway houses, you are subjected to regular screening and breathalyzer tests. Moreover, you must follow the curfew set by the house. While you can go work at your office or meet friends, you would have certain rules of a halfway house and boundaries to take care of.

Generally, there would be a feeling of togetherness and a need to follow regulations – unlike what you usually see at home. 

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How is a halfway house in Colorado different from a rehab facility?

There are fewer restrictions in a halfway house, as it takes place one step after a rehab facility. For instance, you have your room, you are allowed to go out and spend your day as you would like, you do chores in the house, etc. You will find a general sense of independence that is missing in rehab facilities. However, you are expected to attend 12-step-meetings or recovery groups regularly at a halfway house in Colorado

Once you know the guidelines regarding the halfway houses in Colorado, you can decide for yourself. You can visit and find a suitable halfway house easily. 

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