A List of Remarkable Jobs Fostered by Cisco 350-201 Certification Exam

Fostered by Cisco

Getting into the CyberOps field can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a solid understanding of the basic security concepts and techniques. Accordingly, many professionals dive into Cisco’s certification program to assist their learning journey and reinforce their skillset efficiently. One of the most practical ways to highlight your skills in cybersecurity is through the Cisco 350-201 certification exam.

So, who are the most suitable professionals for this technical path? Let’s get to know more about the best job roles supported by the exam and its associated certifications – Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional and Cisco Certified CyberOps Specialist – CyberOps Core.

  1. Information security analysts

Are you an information security analyst looking for a bright cybersecurity career? Aim for the Cisco 350-201 exam and acquire knowledge in cybersecurity fundamentals, processes, and strategies. The detailed test coverage provides you with a skillset that is relevant to your profession. With a profound grasp of cybersecurity elements, you can efficiently keep an eye on the organization’s network and ensure there are no security breaches. It also nurtures your ability to identify vulnerability within networks.

  1. Incident managers

Just like information security analysts, incident managers can utilize the exam to improve their cybersecurity proficiency. These professionals hold a substantial role in an organization as they are generally tasked to administer the entire lifecycle of security interruptions and malfunctions within a specific set of IT services. As part of their responsibility, they take into account all the incident management protocols at all times and make sure that all IT solutions are in normal operation.

  1. Security analyst
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On the other hand, security analysts are expected to have a thorough understanding of the general cybersecurity network to effectively analyze any issue and make recommendations. They are also responsible for preventing breaches of private data, implementing firewalls to protect networks, and conducting security assessments. Because of their extensive scope of obligations, it’s critical for them to be savvy about the core cybersecurity operations, which are then expounded in the Cisco 350-201 exam.

  1. Security architects

As typically part of the management level, security architects should already be an expert in the organization’s network security. This can be done if these professionals have a solid command of the cybersecurity basics and a polished skillset in network implementation. And with the aid of the 350-201 exam, they can competently develop relevant rules and create baselines that support the organization’s needs.

  1. Automation engineers

Aside from the fundamentals of cybersecurity, automation is also given emphasis in the exam. It evaluates your comprehension of automation as well as orchestration, focusing on its concept, mechanisms, and platforms. This also allows you to foster your skills in interpreting and altering scripts. Other pivotal aspects covered that could be useful to your job are APIS, HTTP responses, Bash commands, CI/CD pipeline, Infrastructure as Code, and DevOps practices.


As more businesses increasingly rely on digital platforms to run their operations, it’s pivotal to ensure security within their networks and systems. Accordingly, the weight of the people working in the CyberOps field is very crucial. So, if you want a noteworthy validation of your skills in incident response, cloud security, or perhaps defense security, the Cisco 350-201 certification exam is truly a great strategy to put you on a pedestal.


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