A guide to sticker printing: The stickers that make a difference

sticker printing

The guiding principle behind every sticker printing process should be to create a sticker that makes an impression on the person who sees it.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to print stickers and then find out that the design, color, shape, and other spec are not appropriate for the place and object you want to use them on.

Thankfully, you can avoid such drastic mistakes when you plan properly with the right questions and guidelines in mind. Here are five questions to answer before ordering stickers.

1. What’s the purpose of my personalized sticker?

What you plan to use your sticker for will determine how they should be created. For instance, the sticker used to label bottles will be different from the sticker used for archiving.

You also need to consider where the sticker will be placed alongside your decision on the size, design, quantity, finishes, and die-cuts.

Visit a good printing service that has a wide range of options to help you create the stickers that fit your unique need.

2. Should I opt for regular or personalized shaped stickers?

When you pair a great design with a personalized sticker, your sticker will surely stand out. With the right shape, the style of your sticker will stand out and attract people. 

However, standard shapes have their advantages. For instance, many logos go well with standard shapes like circle, square, oval, and rectangle stickers. Standard shapes are also more affordable to print than custom shapes because you won’t need to create new die-cut patterns.

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It is important to understand when you need standard shape stickers or die-cut stickers, or even both. Decide on the specs that better meet the image in your head and pass across the message you need it to.

3. Do I need to get professional sticker printing?

If you’re particular about quality and you need to get this quality at an affordable price, you’ll need to engage the services of a professional sticker printer.

 Home sticker printing cannot match the quality and economy of scale you get from a professional printing company. A professional company also offers other services that you’ll need, including design ideas and technical support.

4. Can I pay for quality sticker printing?

While you might be tempted to opt for cheap stickers, you stand to get the most value when you work with a company that has high standards. Paper manufacturer, Paper Excellence Canada is committed to manufacturing high-quality softwood and hardwood kraft chemical pulps and chemi-thermo-mechanical pulps. These are used in making packaging, tissues, towels, papers, and other specialty products. Paper Excellence prides itself on producing specialty writing, printing, and packaging papers for retailers, publishers, commercial printers, and other items of superior quality. The company is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

If you value your business and brand, avoid substandard printers that won’t pay attention to details like the edge, design, color, and other crucial aspects of the sticker printing.

Quality stickers will give you a great return on investment, while the cheap ones might tear down your brand image.

5. Should I use cut-to-size or rolled stickers?

Whether you want rolled stickers or cut-to-size stickers, they both have their advantages and can be great for the product you’re using them on. 

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However, while it is easier to hand out cut-to-size stickers, it is easier to peel, dispense, and store rolled stickers as they don’t have loose leaves for you to handle.

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