A Brief On Usage of clothes And Its Origin


Ancient research shows that clothing originated more than a million years ago. Twisted and dyed flax fibers were found to be used by ancient people. Early humans hunted animals and used their skin to cover their bodies to stay warm. Clothes are used for fashion nowadays. Today you won’t need a to-go hunt. You can go to market or buy from online Clothing brands. Many types of clothes are available to wear nowadays like jeans, pants, next level 6210 etc. People use clothes to depict their personalities. Today clothing is not only done to protect our body but to show our origin, religion, or status. 

  • Resources And Process Used In making clothes

There are many types of fabric available nowadays to choose from. Every fabric serves a different purpose or quality. This fabric comes from plants and animals. Such as cotton is a commonly used fabric. Cotton is grown from the seed of the cotton plant. Wool is also a fabric harvested from the hair of the sheep or different animals. It is a soft and durable fabric. You can choose from many fabrics like hemp, leather, linen, silk, etc. Some Fabrics are lab strengthened. 

  • Use Of Clothes In Different Surroundings 

Clothing is mainly done to protect our bodies from different climates and environments. People wear different types of garments to cover their bodies. Clothes help our human body to survive in cold areas. Clothes help us maintain our body temperature to keep us warm in winter. In addition, clothes provide us protection from sunlight.

 Sunrays could be harmful. As you may know, if UV rays directly contact your skin, it could cause skin cancer. Sunrays can even change your skin color. Clothes could be a big help if you don’t want any harm from sunrays.

A Brief On Usage of clothes And Its Origin
  • Different Use Of Clothes In Different Sectors
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Many works place have uniforms to maintain discipline. Uniforms are used mainly by companies and schools, and many more sectors. This helps to unite the employees and provide them with identification of their profession. Different types of clothes are used for various occasions like in marriage people wear a particular dress. Likewise, you would wear a swimsuit if you are going swimming or a tracksuit if you are going jogging or running and a next level 6210 . This is the social aspect of wearing clothes. 


These are some of the most resourceful information about the functioning and origin of the clothes. You can learn about the use of clothes and see how ancient people wore clothes by reading the above information.  

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