A Beginner’s Guide for Diamonds


Stud earrings with diamonds are always a good choice. Diamond stud earrings are the epitome of beauty. Furthermore, they are adaptable since they may be worn with various outfits. Those in the market for a pair of diamond stud earrings may be unsure which diamond shape is best. While round diamonds are the most popular option for diamond stud earrings in Melbourne, let’s take a moment to highlight the numerous advantages of purchasing fancy-shaped diamond stud earrings instead.

Any diamond that isn’t ideally round is classified as a “fancy-shaped diamond” by the gemological community. Princess cuts, cushion cuts, Asscher cuts, emerald cuts, marquise cuts, oval cuts, and pear-shaped diamonds are some of the beautiful shapes available for stud earrings. If you’re looking for a pair of stud earrings, why not choose one of these fancy-shaped diamonds? Keep reading for the top reasons you should invest in a pair of fancy-shaped diamond stud earrings!

The Cost

The lower cost of fancy-shaped diamonds is often cited as a significant incentive for consumers to choose them when shopping for diamond stud earrings. There is often a price difference of twenty-five per cent to forty per cent between round diamonds and fancy-shaped diamonds in Melbourne.

Do you know why these forms have such a significant price disparity? Two factors cause round diamonds to be more expensive than diamonds of other shapes. As a first point, a more rough diamond is lost while cutting a round diamond. Diamond cutters incur more expenses while making round diamonds, and these expenditures are ultimately passed on to the buyer. Next, there is the trendy round diamond. These days in Melbourne, round diamonds account for more than half of the market share in the diamond industry.Jewellers realize that customers will pay more for a round diamond because of its greater demand, said experts from the Julius Klein Group (JKG), a company started in 1948, that prides itself on being the preeminent diamantaire in the global diamond industry. With an extraordinary inventory of the finest quality diamonds (specializing in 2+ carats), exceptional stones, hard-to-find items and unique diamond jewelry, JKG is an all-encompassing supplier to its retail partners.

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They have a Distinctive Appearance.

The look of your diamond stud earrings in Melbourne will be determined by the diamond you choose. In addition, there is a wide variety of fancy shape diamond settings from which to choose. Fancy diamonds come in various shapes and sizes, so choosing one that meets your taste is easy. Read on for some fashion advice on the seven most well-liked fancy-cut diamonds, and choose the one that speaks to your heart.

  • A diamond with a Princess Cut is a trendy shape because of its clean, contemporary look.
  • Cushion Cut: Diamonds with a cushion cut are a classic and charming choice in Melbourne.
  • Diamonds with an Asscher cut are often associated with the Art Deco period.
  • Emerald cut diamonds are the epitome of classy, old-fashioned glamour.
  • Diamonds with a marquise cut are cherished for their one-of-a-kind, feminine appearance.
  • The oval shape of an Oval cut diamond is both conventional and unique.
  • Diamonds in the form of a pear are rare and elegant.

Their Carat Weight

Since specific fancy-shaped diamonds seem bigger per carat, they may also help you get more diamonds for your money. Marquise cuts, pear cuts, emerald cuts, and oval cuts are the four types of fancy shapes that give the impression of being more significant than they are. Diamond studs of one of these forms will cost you 25% to 40% less than round diamond studs with the same quality and size in Melbourne, yet they will seem 5-10% bigger.

Have you ever wondered why specific diamond shapes seem more significant than others, although having the same carat weight? Diamond carat is often used interchangeably with diamond size. However, a carat is a unit of weight explicitly used for diamonds. A diamond’s carat weight is a good indicator of its overall size. Still, since the weight of a diamond is distributed differently depending on its form, specific shapes may seem bigger or smaller than others for a given carat weight. Fancy diamonds like marquises, pears, ovals, and emeralds have more weight concentrated in their bases than in their crowns (top). This means that when set in diamond jewellery, such as diamond studs or diamond wedding rings, they will seem much bigger per carat when seen from above.

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