9 reasons you need to hire a Probate Lawyer

Probate Lawyer

The procedure of settling estates after the death of somebody is known as probate. It is a long and complicated court process that consists of a series of legal proceedings. Probate is essential for the beneficiaries and executors of the will. This legal procedure can be demanding, taxing, and very time-consuming. It can become difficult for executors to meet deadlines, create reports, manage records, and raise filings to court. In short, there are many complications involved in probate. Therefore, hiring a competent and experienced probate lawyer who can make things easier for you is recommended.

Hiring a probate lawyer can make the probate process fast and smooth with the least delays possible. In addition, probate lawyers ensure that the deceased’s instructions are obeyed, and the heir receives the estate in a hassle-free manner. It can be tough for someone to probate an estate without working knowledge. Let’s find out why you need to hire a probate lawyer without further ado. Here we have mentioned 9 reasons to hire a probate lawyer; read till the end.

1. To Prevent Family Conflict

The primary reason to hire a probate lawyer is to avoid needless family conflict. Hopefully, up till now, you got an idea as to what does probate means. So, you will understand too that the interest of family members is involved in the property of the deceased. 

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To prevent any confusion or conflict between family members, the lawyer’s expertise is required. Everyone in the family wants to be part of the probate process. It can make things more difficult during the process. Tension can increase when people start to disagree with each other. A seasoned lawyer knows how to get rid of such conflicts by providing everyone with a clear perspective of the situation. Also, in this way, nobody can accuse anyone of not handling the estate properly. 

2. To Speed Up the Process

You should know that probating can be a long and tiring process, and it usually takes a year to get completed. By having a probate lawyer, you can speed up the procedure. The lawyer will get access to assets and property instantly so that the legal proceedings will move forward smoothly.

A probate lawyer can also guide an untrained executor in negotiating the legal procedure. It will help fix the legal and financial matters with a minimum delay.

3. To Prevent Claims Against the Estate

When someone dies, there is usually at least one defendant who claims the estate. It mostly happens when a certain family member is not mentioned in the will but feels like their name should have been there. Beneficiaries can also make such claims against the estate if they feel it is not properly distributed. Hiring a lawyer makes it easier to get rid of claims about using the estate for personal benefits. 

4. To Prevent Court Rejection

To avoid rejection in court, a few documents need to be presented to the court. It is essential to fill these documents correctly. If there is an issue with these documents, the court will reject them immediately. It means you have to give more time to do more work which can delay the process of probating.

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On the other hand, having a lawyer on board can help you file documents properly. It helps to make probating procedure move forward swiftly. So, do not worry about the documentation in court.

5. To Have Clarity

As you will move forward with the process of probating, different questions will come to your mind. You may wonder what you have to do if the deceased had debt? Who do you have to notify about the probating process? To ensure clarity in the entire process, you need the assistance of the probate lawyer. It will give you answers to all your queries. Also, advice from a lawyer can prove to be very important as it can help you prevent probating mistakes.

6. To Deal with Debts

As mentioned above, there is a possibility that the deceased may have some debts. It can be a daunting task to take care of such financial responsibilities, but you have to do it. If the deceased had a complicated financial situation, you might spend more time on it. Although, in some cases, you have to pay some basic debt that includes income tax and funeral expenses. But every situation is different, so a lawyer’s advice can help you do the right thing. 

7. To Avoid Overpaying

While you are working to resolve debts, there is a chance that you might overpay or pay the incorrect amount. To prevent this mistake, having the assistance of a lawyer is a must. In addition, you require legal documents to let creditors know about the account holder’s death. It can become very confusing, so letting your lawyer handle all these matters is better.

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8. To Prevent Lawsuits

If family members disagree with the process of probating, then it can cause a lawsuit. You should understand that these lawsuits can be time-consuming, and family members’ involvement can cause emotional exhaustion. Having a lawyer on board will keep everything open and clear, and you will most likely not face a situation like a lawsuit.

9. To Avoid Third-Party Delays

Some times involvement of third parties in probating, such as banks, can cause delays. They may not give you access to useful information for the case. But with a lawyer in communication with them, everything will move forward smoothly.


Probation is a complex and exhausting process that can drain your energy and time. Getting the assistance of a professional lawyer is a must because people have no idea about the different aspects involved in probating. Doing everything on your own can make things more difficult for you. Any mistake in court can go against you, so it is better to hire a probate lawyer who can provide you with clear and useful insights. It will save you time and effort and will move the process smoothly.

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