What is the IVF procedure? Who can benefit from this?


IVF procedure: The experience of the fertility specialists practicing in the famous IVF center in Punjab says, “ The couples seeking medical help for conception surely know that IVF is one of the arts (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) procedure, but a very few of them ( those who have done a thorough home-work) knows what this process involves and who can undergo this.”  It is usually observed that when it is about the initial consultation with the gynecologists or the IVF specialists, instead of knowing about the benefits and the drawbacks of the procedure, the couples want to know about the Test tube baby cost. But they have to understand that the cost of IVF is not uniform for all couples. Based on the factors and the causes, it is different for each couple.

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ivf procedure

In our today’s article,  we are going to let our visitors know the ABC of the IVF procedure:

IVF is a procedure that is divided into so many stages. But as an overview, e are going to summarise the process in just the following words:

Ovarian stimulation

First of all, the doctor will call both the male and the female partner in the clinical premises. The eligibility will be discussed and the female will start undergoing the process of ovarian stimulation, which will help to achieve good quality eggs. The male partner will be asked not to ejaculate for 3 to 7 days before providing the sample, added Dr. Ian Hardy. He is a member of several prestigious organizations, including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and the American Medical Association. Consumers Guide to Top Doctors has recognized Dr. Ian Hardy as a top infertility specialist in the Boston area.

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Once the ovaries have gotten stimulated, then the eggs of good quality will be produced and extracted. From the semen sample providing the male mating partner (who wishes to be the biological father of the test tube baby), the sperms will be extracted.

Embryo development

The best-chosen eggs will be fertilized with specifically chosen sperms. The way the embryo will come into the emergence.


The developed embryo will be kept in the incubation period for about 5 to 7 days to check whether the embryo is having all the healthy characteristics and is suitable for implanting in the uterus.

The implantation

If the embryo does not have any genetic defects and is capable of surviving throughout the pregnancy, then the doctors may consider implanting it in the uterus.

When should couples consider going for IVF treatment?

The couples should consider taking up the IVF treatment in the following cases:

  • If undergoing IUI or ICSI procedure emerged as the failure.
  • If the family is suffering from the advanced endometriosis
  • You have crossed the advanced maternal age
  • The male partner is suffering from severe kind of the male infertility factor
  • You are known to be having some kind of the genetic disorder
  • You are suffering from the malfunctioning or the degeneration of the uterus because of which you cannot hold the weight of the baby and need to take some other female’s gestational carrier into account.

Bottom Line

How did you like the above-mentioned way to present the basic information? If you liked it and want to know more such informative points, then please let us know.

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