5 Signs a Loved One Is Struggling With Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Over 11% of the US population has used illegal drugs in the past month—sadly, it’s much more common than it should be.

Drug addiction can happen to anyone, but how do you know if one of your close family members or friends has gone down that path? While it’s horrible to imagine, the truth is that, by identifying a drug problem, you can help them get into a recovery program.

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To find out more, keep reading to find five signs that someone you know might be struggling with drug addiction.

1. Secretive Behaviors

Secretive or unexplained behaviors are one of the most common signs of drug addiction. Often, an addict knows that they’re doing something others wouldn’t approve of, so they come and go late at night, never leave their purse or backpack unattended, or won’t explain where they’ve been or where they’re going.

2. Mood Swings

Drugs alter your mood and personality, so it’s no surprise that mood swings are another one of the addiction signs. A person might feel happy, energetic, and erratic on drugs, but might soon become irritable and tired when it wears off.

For people with a serious addiction, supervised recovery programs are often the best course of treatment, like the Oakvine Recovery Center.

3. Money Is Going Missing

You know you left a twenty-dollar bill on the table—but now it’s gone. Sadly, addicts often steal money when they’re desperate to buy drugs.

They also will steal valuables that they can pawn or trade, like jewelry or electronics.

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The person of concern might also mention that they’re having money problems and may start asking to borrow money for things like gas, food, or to pay back a friend. While it’s tempting to help, know that the money is probably going to purchase drugs or pay back a dealer.

4. You Notice Physical Changes

Unexplained physical changes can be a clear sign that someone is using drugs. This will vary, depending on the type of substance being used.

However, it could include changes to their weight, sleeping habits, marks on the skin, or nasal problems.

5. They No Longer Want to Spend Time With Loved Ones

A loss of interest in things a person used to enjoy, like spending time with friends, doing hobbies, or helping out at home can indicate that they aren’t themselves anymore.

If a person has lost interest in things they used to enjoy, ask yourself why this might be.

Talk to Your Loved One About Drug Addiction—It Could Save Their Life

Speaking to a loved one about drug addiction isn’t easy—they’re likely to get angry, depressed, or refuse to talk about it all. Tell them you’re coming from a place of love and care and you only want to help.

If they do have a drug problem, hopefully, you can encourage them to get help and seek recovery, leading to a happier, healthier future.

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