4 Tips to Managing Life in Hostel School in India


Staying in boarding schools and studying far away from home, becomes a bit difficult for few as well as much troublesome for many, who never stayed away from home on their own. Managing hostel life is not a tough task to accomplish if few aspects of it are managed well. Below are some of the intelligent things that can be done to make the hostel life more manageable.

1. Dealing with cravings:

When you run out of the snacks you brought from home, you are too broke even to go thrift shopping. The difficulties that food-lovers encounter are known among all. So, during the break in the middle of the month, discover some quick meals that you can experiment with and require the bare minimum of ingredients.

Here are a few examples:

  • Adding a half-fried egg to your usual Maggi might add a new dimension to the dish.
  • Garlic bread can be made by toasting oregano and butter on a piece of bread.
  • Crush and open the unopened packet of Wai Wai noodles, then mix in the tastemaker until everything is smooth.
  • Incorporate the homemade achaar/chutney into your meal by serving it as a dip with ordinary chips.

2. The problem with the mattress:

When you have a long day and evening of study as well as extracurricular activities ahead of you in the best school in India, having a good mattress for peaceful sleep is essential for good health.

If your mattress is too hard, bring a heavy duvet cover from home to spread on your mattress.

If your mattress is too soft, rotate it in three cycles regularly to restore its firmness. In the first instance, rotate it such that the header appears in front of the footer and vice versa. The second step is to turn it over. Third, repeat the first two steps (but this time, it will be on the opposite side of the mattress).

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3. The magnetic key trick:

Getting separated from key belongings while away from home is a terrifying prospect, especially when you have fewer of them to continue with at the best school in India. The worst-case scenario is misplacing your keys. Apart from the obvious option of learning the hard way, we also offer another option for you;

  • All that is required is that you locate a magnet.
  • Attach the magnet to your wall using a nail or double-sided sticker.
  • As soon as you go into your dorm, let the key stick to the magnet.

4. Lending money:

It is the trickiest affair of all, which shall not be practiced at all. Acting out of cash or money all the time will help you stay out of unnecessary financial stress, while your relation with your classmates and dorm-mates won’t be compromised either. Paying through UPI for oneself would keep the expenditures under check as well as track the expenses too.

In such a manner, the boarding school’s life would go smooth, without any glitches whatsoever.

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