13 Roleplay Plots You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Roleplay Plots

One thing that numerous creators know is that enjoyable to have characters and various universes to work with however why bother if you don’t have one thing or another to do with them? Many individuals go to role play as a pleasant method to utilize characters, regardless of whether they’re unique or from being a fan. It’d be a pleasant break for some individuals yet what happens when you run out of thoughts to do? It’s an awful spot to be in. So the following are a couple of various role-play plot thoughts.

1. Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Individual A has had many brushes with death in their life. They ought to be dead yet maybe something is securing them. Then, at that point, they meet Individual B, their Guardian Angel.

2. Vampire Ruler

Individual A will be a vampire Prince. They rule the realm and sit in the privileged position, yet everything’s with hesitance. Consistently a penance is brought from a close-by town for The Vampire Eminence. They grab Individual B and take them to the palace.

Vampire Ruler
Vampire Ruler

From here you can head toward any path you need! Individual A can transform individual B into a vampire, Individual A can show leniency toward them and send them back to the town, or perhaps keep Individual B as a pet or something of the preferences. This one is exceptionally open so mess around with it!

3. Mental Hospital Patient/Doctor

Mental Hospital Patient/Doctor
Mental Hospital Patient/Doctor

Individual A will be a psychological Hospital patient, put there under any circumstance you’d like. So far no one has had the option to gain ground with Individual A. That is until Individual B goes along.

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This one is accepted if you like getting profound into characters and their relations with others.

4. Western Universe

Western Universe
Western Universe

Individual An is riding along the edges of their farm when they see Individual B on the ground. Individual B has been shot and will before long drain to death in case they aren’t helped.

I left this one genuinely open as well. Does Individual A face the challenge and help Individual B? What will it cost them if they do?

5. Werewolf Universe

Werewolf Universe
Werewolf Universe

I don’t have anything explicit for this one. I feel it’s a bit of a blast from the past. Like the Vampire one, there are a ton of ways you could go. It is safe to say that they are the two werewolves? Is it accurate to say that one is human? Does one of them get turned and different needs to manage it? Are there two werewolf packs battling? There are simply countless potential outcomes with this one, simply put it all on the line.

6.Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse

In the wake of losing the entirety of their provisions, companions, and partners Individual An ends up lost and with no guard. That is until they run into Individual B’s gathering. How does Individual B respond? Do they acknowledge Individual A with great enthusiasm or are hello threatening and attentive?


This one generally applies to be a fan-related Rp’s. Start to lead the pack characters and opposite their jobs. Make them something contrary to who for sure they truly are and see where that drives you.

8.Ghost and Haunted

Individual A has recently moved into their new home. (Condo, Chateau, comfortable apartment, anything that you’d like) The initial not many evenings are tranquil. Then, at that point, things begin to get insane and they meet Individual B. Individual B occupied the home sometime in the distant past. They were killed somehow and were adhered to their home as a phantom.

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9.Memory loss

Individual An and Individual B have known one another for quite a while. Individual A gets into a mishap, giving them head injury and making them fail to remember Individual B, or in any event, all that they’ve known at any point ever. It’s dependent upon Individual B to assist them with recollecting and on the off chance that they don’t recall, to assist them with sorting out their life.

10. Body Swap

I feel like this is genuinely clear as crystal. Individual An and Individual B switch bodies for a specific measure of time. Disorder results as they attempt to profess to be one another and figure everything out.

11. Purge

Individual An and Individual B are going through the Purge. They end up stayed together battling against individuals who need to kill them.

This one is genuinely open as well. Mess around with who your characters are and their status and things like that.

12. Mind Reading for a day

Individual An abruptly awakens with the capacity to understand minds. What happens when they read their dearest companion, Individual B’s brain?

This could be a decent spot to join another of these with this one! Possibly Individual B had a few mysteries they truly didn’t need Individual A to look into.

13. Treasure Hunter Universe

Individual A will be a decent Treasure Hunter. They put long stretches of work into tracking down the most stunning Treasure of their life just to have Individual B, a Treasure hoodlum, to take it directly without a second to spare.

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