Young Entrepreneur Carter Escapule on His Passion For Helping Aspiring YouTubers Build Their Business


Carter Escapule recently launched a course to help aspiring YouTubers learn how to make videos and build their income. Escapule exclaims that you don’t even need to show your face or touch a camera to be popular on YouTube, which is a completely new approach. “There is much more room for more people to get into YouTube automation, I don’t want to keep what I’ve learned to myself.”

It’s important to Carter to bring others along with me on my journey. His top student earns $10,000 per month and is well on his way to earning six-figures each month. Carter says “My course is ideal for young people who are passionate about YouTube but don’t know how to start making money.” Most people do with vlogging or random gaming videos for fun, but it usually doesn’t help you make a lot of money. I’m here to help them with that.

Escapule is a business man who spends significant time growing his channels. At just 15 years of age, he’s presently making 5-figures every month on YouTube, and plans to hit USD 100,000 every month soon.

He began making content on YouTube when he was only 12 years of age. He was just 15 years of age when he got 5 YouTube channels to over 100,000 subscribers and has the plaques to prove it.

A YouTube channel is not difficult to start but it is difficult to grow. With Carter Escapule’s assistance, anybody can be a successful entrepreneur just like him.

Carter words, what’s his story? How did he get started toward where you are today?


When he was young, he has the mindset to make money. So at a young age, he started selling random things that he found in the house like shoes and useless electronic items.

So after that, he realized that what he was learning in school will not help him in his future life. We go to school and college, we can get jobs and live a balanced life. But Carter thinks why He can’t skip school and college and do a job that will pay him.

I began to realize that what I was learning every day in school was not going to help me in life. I realized that the reason we go to school and to college is to get a good-paying job. So in my head, I was always thinking, why can’t I just skip the schooling and job part and get straight to the money.