Why You Should Hire a Professional Attorney?

Professional Attorney

Zehl & Associates is an unmatched, undaunted personal injury law firm that represents thousands of people who have been injured or unfortunately killed in connection with trucking accidents and other disasters of recent years. Zehl & Associates’ legal representation of victims and their families is built on strong relationships, mutual trust, and respect for all who are involved in 18 wheeler accident cases. Our 18 wheeler accident attorneys strive to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve

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Dedicated Law Firm

Zehl & Associates is the largest personal injury law firm in Houston, Texas. The firm has experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyers who have dedicated their time to cases that range from personal injury to workplace injury and automobile accidents. They strive to provide excellent legal services to their clients and fight to the fullest extent of the law to achieve the best possible settlement for their clients. Their lawyers are very experienced to fight effectively to get the maximum amount of money possible for their clients. They strive to maintain good relations with all their clients and fight to obtain the largest possible settlement or judgment in their favor. If you or someone you know is involved in a truck accident, you need the best legal advice and representation possible.

Causes of accidents

Accidents can be caused by defective products, reckless driving, unsafe machinery, and drunk driving. These factors are considered by insurance companies when determining who is responsible for injuries resulting from these accidents. Victims and their families are often left struggling financially because of these accidents. Insurance settlements may not make up the lost wages and medical bills, and these victims need legal representation and compensation to ensure that they are properly cared for. Attorneys can help these victims obtain the settlements to ensure that their legal rights are maintained.

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A professional attorney represents you

An experienced attorney representing a victim of an auto accident can help their claim for compensation to include lost wages, future medical bills, and pain and suffering. Some of these cases may even result in monetary damages as well as the possibility of future employment. In other instances, an experienced trucking company attorney may successfully negotiate a safety regulations settlement with the trucking company that caused the accident. For example, a driver who was not following proper safety regulations may be liable for injuries sustained. Trucking companies are required by law to safely operate big trucks on the state’s highways and roads. Suppose a trucking company operator fails to follow this safety regulation. In that case, they may be held liable for injuries and damages incurred by passengers and other drivers and pedestrians on the roads.

Disabilities after an accident

Many victims of 18-wheeler truck accidents suffer either permanent or temporary disabilities as a result of these accidents. A temporary disability may include a person needing a wheelchair to access work and daily activities. Permanent disability may result from a person suffering from a broken bone, severed limb, or a permanent spinal injury. Some of these victims may also be required to partake in physical therapy due to their injuries.


A qualified attorney specializing in 18 wheeler accident cases will evaluate the case and its likely outcome. The legal proceedings in this type of case can be complex and time-consuming. Attorneys who deal with 18 wheeler truck accidents know how insurance companies try to fight their cases, and they know how to defeat the companies in court. Because they have experience in personal injury and trucking accidents, lawyers experienced in this type of case understand how to position their client, so they receive the most compensation. That is why you should hire a professional attorney for your accident case.

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