Why are diamond tennis bracelets popular among youngsters?

diamond tennis bracelets

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a permanent member of the jewelry box of most women. It is the one item you can never go wrong with as you can pair it with any outfit, for any occasion and it will simply do its job to make you look classy, elegant and the center of attention. But we’re here focussing on why youngsters have developed such a liking for it. So let’s find out.

  • What is a diamond tennis bracelet?

This design may have been in the jewelry world for a long time, but how it got the name ‘Diamond Tennis Bracelet’, is very interesting. In 1987, during the US Open Tennis Championships, world-ranked tennis player Chris Evert was playing a match wearing a diamond bracelet. It flew from her hand during a shot. She stopped the game to find her bracelet and didn’t start till she finally found it. That is how the simple diamond-studded bracelet came to be known as Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

  • An old classic

One of the main reasons this bracelet is so popular is that its timeless beauty. This design defines simplicity and yet is so loved and coveted because it is a classic. An old classic that never goes out of style. From Audrey Hepburn to Meghan Markle, this bracelet has adorned the hands of women for decades and continues to do so.

  • Popular among youngsters because
  • Lightweight, delicate: The design is delicate and lightweight. It is available in artificial diamonds making it reasonable priced so youngsters can afford it with their own money. Everyone wants a taste of the old classic at times, making this an absolute favourite. Basically you simply cannot go wrong with this one.
  • Suits variety of outfits: The Diamond Tennis Bracelet goes well with a wide variety of outfits. You can wear the same one for a dinner party or even to college or work. It works well for all occasions making it a one-for-all purchase, and youngsters are always looking out for such multipurpose accessories.
  • Good for daily wear: As a youngster, you’re less likely to be invited for frequent cocktail parties or formal events and more likely to be attending frat parties or other happening events. And guess what, the bracelet can be worn for them too. In fact, it can be worn on a daily basis with a casual jeans and Tee combination too.
  • Size inclusive: It is adjustable. The bracelet comes in a variety of sizes and some kinds are adjustable too, making it easier to gift someone whose size you are not really sure about. It also makes a great gift for a girlfriend whom you can surprise without a measurement.
  • Also for men: Last but not the least, it is not just for women. Diamond Tennis Bracelets have varieties that are made specifically for men as well. So all you guys out there who love to dress up with accessories, you don’t have to worry about not finding your type anymore.
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All these reasons and many more make the diamond tennis bracelet a favorite among the people on the younger side. Also, it is reasonably priced and doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in the pocket, unless of course, you want one with real diamonds. But artificial varieties are also equally good. You can find really good options for the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Hatton Garden in London. Check it out for yourself and your friends and don’t forget to ask about ongoing discounts.

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