Which clinic is the best for double chin liposuction?

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For so long, I have been suffering from a double chin, which is a case where the chin is not well defined with the other facial features. I tried different ways to hide the double chin and make my chin looks normal, but it never works. I tried applying make-up tricks to my chin, but the results are not permanent, and my double chin still can be noticed.

I looked for some medical treatments for double chin on the internet and found that double chin surgery with liposuction can be very beneficial. So I decided to check if there is any medical center or clinics in Al Ail that performs this kind of plastic surgery. And I discovered that Novomed Centers, which are close to my work, provide this service.

I called them immediately and booked my appointment with their plastic surgeon, I wanted to check if I am a candidate for the double chin surgery. During my consultation, the doctor checked my chin, and he told me that liposuction will help remove the excess fat, and he will need to lift the saggy skin, and then my chin will look normal.

I was happy to hear that and agreed immediately to undergo the surgery. But the doctor was very professional and asked me first to do some medical tests because he needs to check if I am healthy enough to undergo the surgery. I did the tests, gave him the results, and he confirmed that everything is ok.his conversations are essential for explaining one’s expectations and determining the strategies used to meet them. and I can do the surgery. So we set a date for the surgery, and on this specified day, the plastic surgeon performed the surgical procedure for like 2 hours, and then he used a bandage to cover my face and protect the incisions.

Once done, the team took me to the intensive care, then to my room, where my family was waiting for me. The doctor passed by my room ensured me that the surgery went well, prescribed me some medications to reduce the pain, and gave the necessary instructions to have a safe recovery.Our plastic surgeons use only the most advanced, innovative and minimally invasive techniques to deliver the best results that help you see and feel your best.

After a few weeks, the doctor took off the bandage, and my chin’s new shape was amazing. I was very happy with the outcomes and highly recommend Novomed’s Plastic Surgeon in Al Ain for double chin surgery.