Which aftercare measures should the patient follow after LASIK Surgery?

Glasses to Contacts

Those who regularly wear the contact lenses will feel extremely glad when and free when they will be able to see freely without the need to wear the contact lenses and the specs. LASIK surgery in Punjab is considered a boon for such patients. To undergo LASIK Surgery, the first step which the individual needs to take is to visit the Eye hospital in Punjab.

Once the surgery is performed by a vastly experienced surgeon, 80% of the journey is over. The rest 20% of the journey requires the individual to follow the precautionary measures and some tips which can make the most of the recovery period.

Do not miss any of the follow-up appointments

You will be called for frequent eye checkups once the LASIK procedure is over. For the coming few months, your doctor will make sure that your eye health is gradually getting improved. If you want to attain the best and long-term results, then make sure that you are following the guidance of the doctor.

Do not drive

Immediately after undergoing the LASIK surgery, the patients are usually not allowed to drive on their own. They should ask the attendants to drive for them. It is because immediately after the procedure, the eyes are not in a good state and thus they are not able to stay focused.

Take some days off

LASIK is no doubt one of the outpatient procedures and the patients can resume their daily activities from the following day. But still, for effective recovery, the patient is suggested to take some days off from work. For a period of 2 to 3 days, you must avoid doing the following:

  • Staring at the mobile or the computer screen
  • Reading
  • Stressing yourself
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Do not take a shower

For the initial days, you are requested to bypass the shower. Not only this but you are required to be gentle while washing your face. Do not splash water on your face. Make sure you are not letting the soap water enter your eyes. After you have washed your face, then make sure you are pat drying your face. Avoid rubbing the eyes or the edges surrounding it.

Use eye drops as prescribed

The doctor must have prescribed you some eye drops. Make sure that you are using it as per the prescriptions and the dosage. The eye drops are responsible for lubricating your eyes. If you do not use the eye drops at the proper time, then you will experience severe irritation in the eyes.

Do not play any kind of the sports

If you are a great lover of playing, indoor, outdoor or even video games, then wait for some time. Your eyes have not become that much healed that these are ready to bear the exertion and the pressure.

Bottom Line

If you want to know more such facts about the effective recovery from the Lasik procedure, then please let us know.

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