What to Do If an Off-Leash Dog Approaches You while You Are Walking Your Dog

Off-Leash Dog

You’re walking your dog and an off-leash dog approaches you, what do you do? You could run the other way, you could hit the dog with your dog’s leash or you could stand your ground. What is the best way to deal with this potentially dangerous situation? Here in this blog, we will discuss how to handle such a situation when an off-leash dog approaches your dog?

How to Handle an Off-Leash Dog?

If you see an off-leash dog approaching you here are some things you should do

Keep an Eye on Your Dog

Dogs are incredibly perceptive and often notice when there is something amiss in a situation before humans do. This can be anything from an unfamiliar stranger to another dog invading their territory. Always make sure that your dog’s body language and posture are relaxed. You should play it safe by keeping away from any kind of confrontation altogether.

Stay Calm

You’re probably most vulnerable around dogs. Dogs can sense your anxiety or nervousness, so it’s best to stay calm if a dog begins to approach your pet or you while on a walk. The dog will see how you react and will mirror your mannerisms and body language. Any sudden movements should be avoided so as not to provoke the approaching dog.

Try praising and calming yourself down before addressing the approaching dog to have an easier time reacting properly to avoid scaring either dog.

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Use Treats to Distract Dogs

If a dog is approaching you or your pet, it can be useful to have treats on you. They’re an excellent way of showing a dog that you’re not threatening him and can help you avoid confrontation by redirecting his focus elsewhere. As such, you want to make sure that the treats are thrown at a safe distance from both yourself and your pet, so they don’t go after them instead.

A Physical Barrier Can Help

If a dog is approaching you and your dog, try to keep some kind of buffer between the two dogs such as a fence or car. You can even hold something that will act as a barrier such as an umbrella. Opening the umbrella may make the other owner question what you’re doing or why you have an umbrella and if it’s enough to scare them off from wanting to interact with your dog, then great.

Talk to Other Dog Owner

If you see a loose dog, even if it seems friendly, try to find his owner. The owner can tell you about their dog. You should ask them to take their dog away from the situation and tell them that your dog is not good around other dogs. You can also sign for pet insurance as it can help you in case of any emergency.


If an off-leash dog approaches you while you are walking your dog, the first thing you should do is remain calm. If the dog looks like it is in a playful mood, you may want to allow your dog to play with it. However, if you feel uncomfortable at all with the situation, you should be ready to react quickly. You could also ask the owner to put their dog on a leash or protect your dog from the situation.

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