What is the safest motorcycle outerwear?

safest motorcycle outerwear

Picking a safe motorcycle outfit is very important as the right gear can be a lifesaver should you ever be in an accident. Leather can be very protective but textile is more versatile with its strong Kevlar elbow patches. There are many motorcycle suits to choose from, all with different characteristics, but which one is actually the safest one? Find out in this article.

A combination motorcycle suit

This kind of motorcycle suit is a combination of a jacket and pants. Both parts can be separated by means of a zipper. A big benefit of this kind of suit is that there is no stomach skin showing. This means that if you fall off your bike, your entire body will be protected by the motorcycle clothing. If you’re taking a break and would like to remove your jacket, it is possible with a combination suit. The combination suit should hug your body, for optimal comfort and protection.

A motorcycle overall

Motorcycle overalls are usually worn by circuit racers. They offer extra enforcement on the shoulders and upper back. Overalls are often made out of layers and do not have a zipper to remove parts. This makes the overall more safe and comfortable. In addition, overalls are made of one leather piece, protecting your entire body if you fall. Leather is durable and strong, and does not burn on asphalt. Some motorcycle sports made it compulsory to wear a leather overall as it protects the most.

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A leather jacket and pants

A leather jacket is usually longer than the jacket on a combination suit. This is to protect the stomach and lower back during a fall. It also provides more warmth, making it possible to wear it if there’s a strong wind. Just as the leather overall, a leather jacket protects the wearer from burning on the asphalt during a fall. Some jackets even have patches on the elbows to offer even better protection.

Leather pants are available in different ranges of protection. There are pants with enforcement on the knees and without. Furthermore, there are classic motorcycle pants that have wider legs to fit around a pair of motorcycle boots. The pants should not leave any space between your skin and the fabric and should also fit well around your boots.

A big benefit of the separate jacket and pants is that they are available in different sizes, as combination suits and overalls cannot be adapted to special sizes. Especially for people who have different sizes between the top and the lower half of the body, can make a combination of different sizes. In some cases, these parts can still be attached by means of a zipper. Leather pants are often paired with a textile jacket to make a perfect combination between safety and comfort.

Which motorcycle suit is more safe?

When it comes to safety, it’s really important to pick the right fabric. Leather is always the safest because it doesn’t burn on asphalt. If you use your motorcycle for touring or driving between home and work, a leather suit is advisable. In this case, it is best to pick a combination suit or separate jacket and pants because they are easily removable, whereas a leather overall is not.

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A big downside of a leather suit is that it is not waterproof or windproof. Therefore, most people choose to pair it with extra layers such as a wind stopper or a regular sweater. Overalls are the safest, but more suitable for motorcycling sports. These sportsmen often ride their motorcycles at high speeds. However, tracks are usually well maintained and some sports use dirt tracks, which is softer to land on than asphalt.

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