What is an Industrial Sewing Machine and Its Benefits To Your Business

Industrial Sewing Machine

Australia is located in the Earth’s southern hemisphere. It is the biggest country in the continent of Oceania and comprises numerous islands, including Tasmania Island.

Before clothing was mass-produced in Australia, women resorted to dressmaking. It was an essential skill for Australian women as they relied heavily on tools like industrial sewing machines.

Today, sewing machines are a rare sight. But for producing bulk quantities of sewn goods, industrial sewing machines in Australia are important.

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What are Industrial Sewing Machines?

Industrial sewing machines are specially made for high precision and care. They are built differently than household sewing machines.

To make continuous runs with durability and high performance, you need an industrial sewing machine. They can produce more sewn products like garments and home textile products in large quantities.

Although regular household sewing machines can deliver in sewing, industrial sewing machines are a must for heavy-duty usage.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

There are two general industrial sewing machines: chain stitch sewing machines and lock stitch sewing machines.

  • Chain Stitch Sewing Machines. This type of machine uses needles and loopers that produce flexible stitches. These machines are widely used for knitted materials.
  • Lock Stitch Sewing Machines. Lock stitch machines use a needle thread and bobbin to make stitches. The two parts thread against one needle and are mainly used for woven fabrics.
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The textile industry that uses industrial sewing machines is relatively small. However, Australia is home to famous brands like Van Heusen and Billabong.

Benefits of Using Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines are built to run faster as the goal is for productivity. In addition, they are usually equipped with modern technology for more stable garment production.

Today, various labor-saving and deskilling devices supplement industrial sewing machines that help automate operations.

They’re Equipped with Precise Machining and Quality Management Systems

When you want maximum productivity, it is normal to get a sewing machine that can run more than 8,000 stitches per minute. Because of this, the machine has to have features that can keep up with its performance.

To maintain optimal performance, essential parts of industrial sewing machines are made to pass each other as fast as 7/1000 seconds with almost no clearance. The measurement of key components is precisely measured at the micrometer level.

Higher quality, higher productivity

Industrial sewing machines carry various technologies for better quality production. For example, today, features like SPEED & DRY technology prevent oil stains from sewing machines.

Some machines are equipped with state-of-the-art coating, signature sealing, and lubricating technology. These features enable sewing machines to work at an ultra-fast speed and micro lubrication technology.

Produce Ideal Stitches.

The planned stitch characteristics may differ in practical application. For example, compression clothing is extremely elastic and thus requires stretchable seaming.

Today’s available technology includes Active Thread Control which can create the right seams for specific types of fabric. It can also accommodate a variety of seams ranging from soft seams to tighter seams.

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Can Support Deskilling and Labour-saving Devices

Today, you can attach different devices to industrial sewing machines for deskilling and labor-saving purposes. The attachments increase the productivity and quality of the products produced.

Some devices feature back-tacker senses to control thread in the air and bury the thread back inside the seam. Back-tacking helps reduce the back-tacking process to improve production.

Heavy-duty industrial sewing machines in Australia are great for the mass production of woven goods. If you’re planning a business that relies heavily on sewing, it would be best to invest in an industrial sewing machine.

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