What a first-time traveler should not miss in Denver?


Denver is certainly a must-visit city for any traveler, especially if they are in the United States. Denver, CO, is on the western side of the continent and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. In fact, US World and News Report in 2016 dubbed Denver the most inhabitable city in the US. So, it is not really a surprise to see Denver as among the most visited place in the continental United States.

Denver offers a lot to its tourist to explore, many of which one cannot miss out on at any cost. Here are some of the things to do in Denver for you if you are a first-time traveler.

1. Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum is, without a doubt, a place one cannot miss out on if one is traveling to Denver for the very first time. The arts that are in the Denver Art Museum heavily lean on the Rocky Mountains and the geography surrounding it. One can truly get a taste of true Denver at the Denver Art Museum but don’t worry, one will find a spectrum of artwork here and not just art relating to the Denver region, although they certainly are a major attraction.

· Denver Botanic Gardens

If the traveler is a lover of flora, then the Denver Botanic Gardens is something they cannot miss out on at any cost. An area of over 20 acres dedicated to thousands of species from every part of the globe is every flora lover and enthusiast’s wet dream, and Denver Botanic Gardens is certainly that. One can find themselves basking in the essence of plants from very distant lands and exotic aromas. And if the individual is lucky, they could enjoy several exhibitions and events that one could enjoy in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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· Red Rocks Parks and the Amphitheatre located in it

How can anyone forget to visit the world-famous Red Rocks Parks that are a major attraction of tourists to the city of Denver? The Amphitheatre build in 1941 has attracted an audience from far and wide, and this majestic arena with a capacity of nearly 10,000 has hosted some of the most famous bands and singers like U2. This 868-acre park has several attractions to offer and is a must-visit site for every traveler to Denver.

· Mount Evans

If the traveler can spare a day on their trip to Denver, heck, even if they are there for only a day or two, a foray on the Mount Evans byway is something one cannot miss out on. Enjoy a breath-taking experience that is more about the journey than the destination at the end of it. During the trip, one can partake in several activities like hiking, fishing, picnic, and even snowshoe, weather permitting, in an area surrounded by bighorn sheep and elk.

· Local delicacy

How can one say they have checked Denver off their list if they haven’t partaken local beer from the world-renowned breweries located in Denver, CO? Take 30 minutes guiding trip through any of the local breweries, and only they can an individual say it with confidence that they have been to Denver. When this amazing city has so much to explore, you might not want to miss something worth exploring in Denver.