Where to buy a wedding suit in Lille?

wedding suit

Last year, I had to go to my brother’s wedding in Lille.

I made the trip from New York to Lille, but I knew I had one more important purchase to make, finding my wedding suit.

Once I met up with my brother, I started looking for a store in Lille to find my suit.

My brother advised me to buy my suit made to measure, because for him, a good suit made to measure is always better for such an occasion.

So we went around Lille looking for a tailor that would suit me.

We went to a dozen tailors and finally chose Samson sur-mesure in Lille.

Samson is a talented craftsman who has been making and designing his own suits for almost 20 years.

When we entered his workshop, I immediately liked the costumes on display but I was told that I had to make an appointment because he does not accept walk-ins.

So I made an appointment on the Internet, and we went back a few days later.

The reception was very good, and I started looking at all the suits on display to find the one that best suited me.

My wife was with me, as well as my brother and we started touching and comparing all the suits.

My wife preferred a tailored suit that I could also wear to work.

My brother had purchased his own custom suit from Samson and I had to find a suit of my own.

After about 10 minutes, I finally settled on a blue suit that would work well for a wedding.

I asked the tailors for a few alterations and we started to measure for fabrication.

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At Samson, we measure by hand to make sure the suit fits me perfectly.

I also took the opportunity to look at their made-to-measure shirt, I thought it was really nice and the fabric quality was superior.

We left and I had to come back a week later to get my suit.

When the day came, we went back to Samson and the suit fit perfectly.

My wife was thrilled to see me in my new suit and my brother congratulated me on my choice.

We left the store without any alterations because there was nothing changed on the suit.

On the day of the wedding, several people asked me where I had bought my suit, and many were surprised to learn that I had made it in Lille.

Many of the Americans at the wedding came with their American suits.

They appreciated the quality of the European fabric and especially the quality of the cut of my suit.

Many of them asked me where I had bought it and I gave them the address of Samson in Lille.

Some of them even went to buy one before coming back to the US.

The wedding went very well, and my brother became a married man to the applause of the whole family.

Before returning to the States, I went back to Samson’s to pick up three custom-made shirts and a new suit.

I hesitated to get a tailored coat, but it was getting expensive so I stuck to my first choices.

So if like me, you’re in Lille, I advise you to go to Samson to buy your first made-to-measure suit if you don’t have one.

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Obviously, you need a good occasion to go to Lille, but if you go there for vacations, take the opportunity to buy European quality.

Samson costume sur mesure Lille

20 Rue de la Clef, 59800 Lille

Tel : 0328053885

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