Wedding Photography 101: Easy Tips To Up Your Game


Weddings are both beautiful and emotional. From getting ready to say “I do,” the day is filled with so many moments that deserve to be captured. You want your photos to be more than just an image-filled album of your wedding day. They should also be a time capsule of the love, joy, and happiness you felt on this special day. You’re probably thinking: “What do I need to know about photography?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here, are some photography tips that can help you look like a pro at your next event.

Camera settings

It’s okay to get on your phone and google a few quick settings tips for your camera before your big day. If you haven’t used your camera in a while, you may not know that you can actually change your camera’s default shooting mode. If your camera is a regular point and shoot, you can adjust the ISO on your camera. This affects the way the camera handles shadows, highlights, and more. If your camera is a DSLR, you can adjust the exposure. This affects the color of the sky, which can be a huge contrast for your photos. You can learn more about your camera at the American Society of Media Photographers’ website, A.S.M.P. Make sure you know how to adjust each setting on your camera so that your photos turn out as professional as you are.

Tips for posing

Tips for posing
Tips for posing

1. Never put yourself in a bad position — only slightly off-center is good. 2. If you have to stand behind someone for more than a few seconds, move over. 3. If you have to sit down, bring a book or magazine to the party so that you can look through it (besides a smartphone). 4. If you’re taking photos of a large group, shoot each person individually, and then get someone to group-pose. This will provide a nice grouping of photos that can be used for a video. Tips for lighting 1. Try to eliminate shadows. (See this wedding photo tutorial from The Knot.) 2. If your lens has a built-in light, use it! 3. You can’t go wrong with a “dusty” theme. 4. If you’re shooting indoors, you can always take a break for 20 minutes to let your shadow adjust. Tips for composition 1.

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Lighting is everything. You need to find a place with soft lighting for your hair, make-up, and nails. Soft light is where your subject will look best. The most important thing to remember is to use natural lighting. Avoid harsh overhead lights, especially in a studio. An outdoor setting will work well if there are trees or greenery around you. If you don’t have the ability to do that, using a softbox can also work great, especially with darker hair colors. Sharpening & Edging Never, ever make sharpening mistakes. Before you start working on your pictures, take the time to sharpen your photos and block them. Whether you are sharpening photos for your Facebook, Instagram, or gallery, you want to make sure everything looks sharp.

Props and backdrops

You don’t need the most expensive setup for a picture. You can go with a simple blank white backdrop or a colorful umbrella and still create the perfect backdrop for your big day. Put your bridal party in a photo booth and give your guests selfie sticks to take pictures. In fact, a photo booth might just be the way to go for some poses. Everyone loves to take pictures, and taking a selfie with your friends is an easy way to share these special moments with the world. If you’re looking to splurge on some nice gear for your wedding, a good quality tripod is a must. You’ll want one that can hold up to 35 pounds. Whether you’re shooting during sunset or just to get the whole setup in the photo, you need something that can support you.

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Composition tips

There’s no need to worry about creating perfectly posed photos if you don’t have the time. Focus on making the best composition you can, whether you’re taking a lot of photos or just a few. Instead of trying to make sure every photo is perfect, try to make sure there are no obvious flaws, like glaring hair on a bride or the dimming of the flash. Photography basics Keep your camera pointed in the same direction as you are standing or the event you’re photographing. This will help you to get more even lighting, and you can catch photos of your friend in a good mood. Not only will this make for a more interesting photo, but it also saves you from dealing with a gloomy atmosphere. Make your exposure window small.

Getting the right angle

Getting the right angle

Looking for a creative way to cut down on the crowd? Try having guests take pictures in a circle. You’re able to capture the whole group without having them crowding the background. The lines, lines, lines If you want your photos to be a way to remember the whole day, try having someone write the word “LOVE” in the sand. Have them write the letters three times on the sand, in a line, using light-colored sand to create a light pink or blue hue. Once the letters are gone, you’re left with a beautiful symbol of what you’ve been through together. Get set up With so many elements to take into account, it can be hard to get organized. If you want to be sure that you have all your cameras and lenses ready before your big day, put a map of the venue in each bag.

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Now that you know a few photography tips, you should be prepared to take wedding photography to the next level by the Chicago wedding photographer. You might be surprised at just how much you can learn in just a few minutes. Take some time to practice these tips and look for opportunities to practice them. By the time your big day rolls around, you will be ready to bring the magic to your guests.

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