Ways To Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

In this article, you will learn what science says about the functions of our memory. After that, I will tell you how to take advantage of it to improve your memory faster and learn faster. These are the same techniques used by “mental athletes” who can memorize a list of 100 words in a matter of seconds. Just think about what these skills can do for your career. Let’s start with the premise that rejects the notion of memorization.

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Focus Your Attention

Anything that you consciously focus on is picked up by your brain and stored in your memory in some form. It focuses on the single most important element for memorization. To store anything in your memory, both short-term and long-term, you need to focus on it. Simply put, the more you focus on what you want to remember, the more likely you are to stick to it. This is how our brain is designed. When focusing on something, you are telling your mind that it is important to take notes because you will have to use them again in the future. Better focus can help improve your memory and Alpha Brain ingredients can be a great help with it as its ingredients are formulated with selected botanicals and amino acids that support memory, promote attention span and focus and improve cognitive functioning. 

Although memory is a necessary condition for attention, it is not always an appropriate condition. The information you have stored in custody is not necessarily easily accessible. Focusing on something is like having a huge storehouse that you accidentally tickle that you want to memorize. You know it’s there, but it can be hard to find when you need it. To make it easy to access, you need to manage it. To do this, you need to use some other memory devices. There is something called a Chamonix, which is the best tool for this job.

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Use Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics are devices or devices you can use to attach information to make it more memorable. A memory tool can be a poem, an image, a sentence, a sentence, or something similar.

“PEMDAS”—used to remember the order of operations in math—is an example of a mnemonic device:

  • P – Parenthesis
  • E – Exponents
  • M – Multiplication
  • D – Division
  • A – Addition
  • S – Subtraction

The reason for a good memory is that you take some difficult things to remember through lamentation, and you make it completely easier to remember by making it a memorable word.

If you need to remember a particular order of something, make notes. Memoirs are useful for memorizing words and expanding your vocabulary. As a result, memories are a great way to improve your memory. To memorize difficult words, say the word aloud a few times and listen to what it sounds like. Next, create a mental picture of it.

How to Use Mnemonics?

Let’s say you want to remember the difference between these two words:

  • Imperious – Arrogant and domineering
  • Impervious – “impervious to…”—unable to be affected by

These two words are easy to confuse. But if we use some memory tricks, all of a sudden it’s not a problem anymore.

How do I do that?

The word “smile” sounds a bit “imperial”. As soon as I think of an imperialist, I see a king or some kind of medieval conqueror. This is the association I am getting and if it works for me then this is all I need. After that, I saw a proud king cape and a Hitler mustache pointing his finger and shouting at everyone around him.


If you separate the word “exposed”, it sounds like “imp” (a small, evil creature) and “bad”. So, the associations I get are a “bad shape”.

To remember the meaning of this word, I visualize the following image:

A park stands in a park. Everyone around is throwing things at him angrily. They are angry because the bad shape has bothered them all. But it does not affect anything that is being thrown at him, because he does not need it. When I hear these two words, I see the impressions I have just made in my mind and I, therefore, remember the meaning of the words. It may sound weird, but it works like a charm. You may have noticed that I have mixed some mental imagery here. It wasn’t purely memorized that I memorized it. There is a good reason for this. It is difficult to avoid imagery when it comes to memorization. Memories are more important than memories.

Form Mental Images

Making a mental image is the secret that subverts everything that happens with an impressive memory. To improve your memory, it is important to learn how to create brain maps. If you notice that some memory athletes perform amazing memorization feats, these are mental images that pass through their heads that evoke magic.

Review and Repetition

Now, you have some really powerful tools for initially entering and managing information in your memory. But this information is still only in your short-term memory. You have two options. You can either keep this information in your long-term memory, or you can slowly remove it from your memory and forget about it altogether.

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Final Thoughts

You go there four proven ways to improve your memory and learning speed.

If building a brain castle seems like a lot of work, the shortcut is to just memorize these three key points:

  • Get in the habit of creating a mental picture of what you want to remember. Wilder and more funnier, better.
  • Your brain remembers what you focus on.
  • Use Mnemonic tools as mentioned earlier in the article.

This is going to give you a substantial memory boost and make you learn faster.

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