Want to Know about your soccer jersey in detail? Read here!

Soccer Jersey

Have you ever wonder why the soccer jersey or any other sports jersey like cricket, baseball any other are expensive? Do you want to know about the difference between an original jersey and a duplicate one? Looking for the tips to a premium and well jersey?

In this article, we will cover all the necessary information that a person should know before buying a football jersey or any other jersey.

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Why are football jerseys too expensive? 

If you are a football fan, you will know that having a football jersey with your favourite player and his number on the back feels different. However, the official soccer jersey is too expensive for the customers, and here are some of the reasons.

  • The very basic reason is that a jersey represents the whole football team, and fans can pay any price to get the jersey of their favourite player or team.
  • The custom logo finishes and quality of the jersey increases its price.
  • For an original jersey, there is only one manufacturer, and that means no other seller would be able to sell the jersey of your favourite. That gives the monopoly to the original supplier and sets the price accordingly.

What is the difference between an original soccer jersey & a duplicate? 

There are many duplicate jerseys in the market, and many people didn’t know the difference between the original jersey and the duplicate one. Well, here are some of the reasons that can help you identify the original jersey for you.

  1. Price- If we compare the price of the original jersey and the replica one, you will notice that the cost of the replica is always low. It is because the duplicate jersey is made up of low-quality material and fabric.
  2. Applications: You will notice some differences in the application in your jerseys like the logo, crest, sponsor name, and many other things. On the replica, the logos are embroidered, whereas, in the original, the logos and the sponsor names are heat-pressed.
  3. Fitting- The replica soccer jersey is made up like the t-shirt and polo where the size isn’t fixed. The authentic jersey has slim-fit quality material, which makes the fitting of the jersey accurate for the customer.
  4. Washing and care: The replica jersey has no necessary guidelines to wash it as it comprises low-quality fabric. In the original, you will find specific instructions given for the care and washing of the jersey.
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These points make the difference between an original and its replica. So now you go out to shop for the football jersey, then keep these points in mind.

What are the tips keep in mind while buying a sports jersey? 

If you want to buy a sports jersey like a soccer jersey, these tips will help you find a better jersey.

  • Make sure that the jersey that you choose should properly fit you. Not too tight and not too loose as players in the field use the slim-fit jersey for free movement of parts in the game.
  • Always check the material of the jersey as it shouldn’t be made up of low-quality material.
  • It should protect you on the field as all the jerseys are designed to get their work done. So make sure you choose the right one.

Final verdict 

After analyzing all the information about the soccer jersey, we can say that it’s better to know what you want to buy. With the above information, you will be able to know more about the original jerseys and how to recognize them.

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