Vinyl or WPC composite fencing, which is better?

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Vinyl fencing and WPC composite fencing are two popular alternatives to metal fencing and wood fencing. Which one is better and suits your needs most, let’s compare them from the following important aspects, including the material component, performance, price, etc.

Component comparison

WPC composite fencing is made of wood powder and recycled plastic. WPC is a combination of wood and plastic, and both of them are recyclable. The wood is a composite fence usually comes from recycled wood chips or sawdust. There is no need to consume new wood to make fence panels. It is strong and weather resistant because of the high density of the composition. It is gradually becoming more and more popular because of its great performances. WPC is widely used in other decorative items like composite deck tiles, WPC wall cladding, etc. You will find multiple solutions from the WPC wall cladding manufacturer.

Vinyl fencing is made of PVC. Like any other type of plastic, it can be made into various shapes easily.

Feature comparison

There are many commonalities and differences between the two in terms of features. The main common points are durability, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, plasticity, and possible problems when facing a wet environment, etc. The differences are in the difficulty of repairing fence panels, fading problems, and price.

Common points

1. Durable. Relatively light in weight, but strong enough.

2. Easy to install. Both the two types of fencing are easy to transport, carry and install.

3. Easy to maintain. Another common point is that it requires very little maintenance. This is relative to traditional wood fencing. Neither vinyl fencing nor composite fencing requires annual oiling or painting, etc.

  • When facing a wet environment, Vinyl fencing may encounter the problem of mold or mildew.
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5. Plasticity. The plastic common to both components makes them both very malleable and easy to process.


1. Difficulty in repairing the fence

When there is a problem with wood-plastic composite fencing panels, only one or a few fencing panels need to be replaced, while vinyl fencing needs to be replaced as a whole. It is not very convenient.

2. Fading

Wood-plastic composite fencing, especially co-extruded wood-plastic composite fencing panels processed by co-extrusion technology, will not face the problem of fading.

Vinyl fencing may fade.

Price comparison

WPC composite fencing is relatively cheaper than wood fencing, but it is relatively more expensive than vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is a affordable material to purchase and maintain. read more...