Vacation in Boston – Things You Must Need to Know!

Vacation in Boston

Located in the southeastern United States, the city of Boston, capital of Massachusetts, is known for its financial and industrial potential and for being one of the main university centers in the country. By choosing to book a car rental in Boston, the traveller will have all the convenience to get around at his own pace, visit several sites in the United States, restaurants, attend concerts and immerse himself in the intense nightlife of the bustling metropolis. Due to the various partnerships with the main car rental companies in the world, Livery Service has a wide selection of vehicles of different categories and styles with unbeatable prices that will help you to explore this magnificent piece of the American continent.

When deciding on Boston, be sure to visit the city’s most popular sights offer by local Boston car livery services, such as Boston Common, the country’s first public park, famous for housing the British troops known as the Redcoats, the historic Harvard University, the mirrored John Tower Hancock Tower and Quincy Market, a gastronomic paradise with several restaurants. Walk the Freedom Trail, a great option for those who enjoy walking and getting to know the city at ease.


In the United States, driving and traffic rules are different for each state, so it’s important to be aware of speed limits, mandatory seat belt use, and traffic signs. Always drive your vehicle defensively, paying close attention to pedestrians, cyclists, and tourists, who are often distracted when strolling through the city streets. A careful attitude can protect you from possible incidents making your trip safer and smoother without possible unforeseen events.

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Most hotels have their own parking spaces, but when deciding on a car rental in Boston, it is advisable to confirm this information in advance as parking in the main areas of the city can be a complicated task and is quite time-consuming. Many car parks are located around the city, however, most are paid and the fee charged is not cheap. Another interesting alternative is to park your vehicle a little far from the city center and use public transport to get to know the busiest tourist areas.


Boston covers an area of ​​232 square kilometers and is 5.8 meters above sea level. Situated near the Pacific Ocean, it is the only capital city in the United States close to an ocean coast. With an estimated population of 700,000, Boston is the largest city in New England and the 23rd largest city in the United States.

Summers with high temperatures and lots of rain, freezing winters with periods of heavy snow, spring, and autumn with milder days predominate in the city. Just like New York, snowfalls usually occur in the period from December to March. The average temperature in summer is 20 degrees and in winter -2 degrees Celsius.


Boston International Airport – You can book Logan car service at  International Airport (BOS)

The airport is located approximately 4 kilometers away (15 minutes) from the city center.


An extensive and functional public transportation network administered by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is found in the city. There are several ways to get around safely, buses (which cover the entire city and its surroundings), subway (the oldest in the US and probably the easiest and fastest way to get around), trains (where you can travel to cities like Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Miami, and Chicago), ferry (responsible for the crossing from Boston to Provincetown and Salem) and finally taxis, more expensive but with fixed rates.

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