Travel sickness in small children


A long car ride brought to light:

My child does not tolerate traveling. Driving a car leads to nausea and vomiting for him – as it did for me in my mamaroo straps On three critical day trips in the car so far, I have now been able to test a few remedies for travel sickness or better had to. In addition, I have now done a little research. So here are my tips and information on remedies for travel sickness in small children.

Travel sickness in infants: suppositories

Most remedies for travel sickness have an antihistamine as an active ingredient. So far, I have done quite well with the active ingredient dimenhydrinate. But our second experience with suppositories didn’t go as smoothly as the first. The travel sickness occurs from the first and increasingly between the second and the 12th year of life, you can read. My son started it just in time for his first birthday.

In the pharmacy, we were recommended suppositories. Sure, I thought, when spitting a suppository makes sense, that does not come out again. But the suppository in the Popo Machen stimulates intestinal activity and so the suppository came out again a short time later. And the package leaflet did not contain any information on how long the suppository should have stayed in the Popo! In order to avoid an overdose with hallucinations and delusions in the child, we waited for the next attack of travel sickness and vomiting.

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Against travel sickness: antihistamine as a syrup

Suppositories against travel sickness are just as stupid to dose as all other suppositories. The second “half” simply crumbles. And that’s what you should do on the road, on some council site! For the next holiday trip, I chose a syrup, there would have been drops too. I did some research on the Internet to find out how much I had to administer the travel sickness juice before.

But here again my clear criticism of Vomex A, they have nothing to be permanent, etc. in the package leaflet! I chose the dosage a little lower, but as a precaution, I added every three hours, because the duration of the effect was not described. The juice tastes good to my son, he was even happy about it. The effect was top, there was not a single attack of vomiting due to travel sickness. Once, however, my little sweetheart simulated, hoping for a break.I had started three hours before the start of the journey and could not get over the four maximum individual doses, although I had set low.

Alternatives against travel sickness

After we had had so much vomit in the car the first time and a new surge was to be expected at every corner, I had no interest in doing homeopathic experiments on an upcoming eight-hour drive. But if you are familiar with it, it should be listed here that there should be the homeopathic remedy Cocculus D4 against travel sickness. In addition, ginger is also said to soothe the stomach.

However, that didn’t help me as a child. The antihistamines in chewing gum form work from half an hour before the start of the journey and are very well against travel sickness but are not yet recommended for small children. best fold up baby swings at some point, I myself was able to introduce a placebo effect and outwit myself from my teenage years with normal, but sharp chewing gum.

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Meditation is probably also very difficult for the little monsters and how do you explain to them that they should stare into the distance for eight hours except for the breaks, as this article recommends? Patches against nausea when traveling should still be available or a kind of bracelet, but everything must be taken care of the evening before.

If necessary, toddlers tear off something like this again, because they can not yet understand that it should be against their spitting the next day.


I stick to the syrup against nausea until the chewing gum can come at some point. And travel once again by train. Gasoline is so expensive anyway!