TOTO Bat Game Rules (General)

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Singapore Pools (Private) Limited establishes the following rules for TOTO games. “Account Betting System” means any electronic communication system or method used by the Company to offer TOTO Games or for Account Holders to participate in TOTO Games토토사이트 whether through the Internet, telephone, television, radio or the Company. Including, but not limited to, any other electronic technology that facilitates communications subject to the Account Opening and Operating Conditions, as amended from time to time.


In this TOTO game, participants must purchase a set of 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and participate in the associated draw. If the 6 numbers selected match 3 or more winning numbers drawn according to these Rules, the Participant is eligible to receive the prizes described in these TOTO Game Rules (General).


Unless otherwise specified, the following definitions apply to these Terms, TOTO Gaming Terms (Outlet Betting) and TOTO 토토사이트Gaming Terms (Remote Betting) (collectively, the “Terms”). You and shall. ‘Account’ means an account opened and operated by an Account Holder to place bets using the Account Betting System;

“Account Holder” means a participant who is a verified owner and has been provided with an account to operate for placing bets on the Company through the Account Betting System. “Authorized Retailer” means a retailer approved in writing to support our operations or any employee hired or appointed by us to sell participation in or bets on TOTO games or other games. Means member. “Bet” means a bet made by a Participant on the Company (through an Outlet or Account Betting System) recorded by the Company’s Lot Betting Engine (“LB Engine”).

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“Bet Slip” means a document issued by the Company at a store or Betting Site and used by a Participant to detail bets made on TOTO Games. “Betting Site” means the website and related webpages we use to offer our products and services from time to time. “Claimant” means, as the case may be, a person claiming a prize under these Rules. “Company” means SINGAPORE POOLS (PRIVATE) LIMITED; “Dollars” and “cents” mean the legal tender of the Republic of Singapore.

“Entry” means both “regular entry” and “system entry.””Jackpot Prize” means the Group 1 Prize as outlined in Rule 7.2, and the Company may, in publications, notices, announcements, advertising and public relations, refer to what is also called a “pot.””Normal Entry” means entering a TOTO game, excluding system entries. “Retailer” means a retailer operated by a branch operated by the Company or a Designated Retailer where Tickets may be purchased.

“Participant” means a person who participates in a TOTO Game under these TOTO Game Terms (General Edition) and includes account holders and persons who purchase tickets at sales outlets. “Prize Money” means the amount of winning tickets paid by the Company to a Participant following Article 7 of these TOTO Game Terms (General). “Registered Office” means our registered office at 210 Middle Road, #01-01 Singapore Pools Building, Singapore 188994; “Relevant Draw” means the draw selected by you to participate in TOTO Games or assigned at the time of betting at our sole discretion.

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