Top Tips for International Shipping

International Shipping

If you’re an online business owner who ships items, then you’ve probably realized just how important it is to pack your products properly for shipping.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of top tips for packing your items to ensure they arrive at their destination without incident. We cover everything from cost-effective packaging options to organization hacks, so read on for an insider’s guide!

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Use good shipping containers

There’s a variety of wrapping paper, plastic bags, and bubble wrap to consider as you’re preparing to package items for shipment. Hiring professional you can contact Ship Smart. They work with many carriers and can pick up your items and ship them to your location. They are one of the best furniture shipping companies around, for instance, Ship Smart is excellent and affordable furniture shipping carrier. We’d recommend looking for inexpensive boxes with tight-fitting lids that are easy to tape and drop off at the local post office. If you’re not sure which option is best for your products, give our Shipping Checklist a quick read.

Be creative finding the best last-mile shipping options

When shipping items internationally, the cost can soon become an issue. Shiply allows couriers to search their load board and bid to complete the delivery of your package. This can reduce your costs considerably.

Double-check the addresses on your shipping labels

This will ensure that you’re shipping items to the right people. Make sure that your street address is for the building you’ve rented or own to avoid any mix-ups with neighbors’ addresses.

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Double-check your return address

Ensure you use the correct return address on all of your shipping labels.

Make sure that any return labels are printed clearly, including your company’s name and street address (make sure there’s enough space so you can put a zipcode next to it). If you’re sending a large number of products to the same address, it’s also a good idea to include the business’s name, city, and zip code.

Use tracking numbers

Consider using a tracking number when shipping items internationally

If you aren’t sure of the address or the return address, then using a tracking number will allow you to retrieve your package if it has been misplaced by the carrier.

Create an inventory log

You want to be sure that you’ve accounted for every single item that you’ve packaged up and are planning on sending out, so keep a running list of every order as you wrap it up. This will come in handy if you have any returns or go through a particularly busy shipping day and need to double-check your orders before heading out the door.

When shipping high-value items, use a durable shipping box with a tight-fitting lid.

If you have electronic items, jewelry, or other fragile items that need to get to their destination in pristine condition, make sure your package is safe by packing it in extra bubble wrap and/or foam sheets. Be aware of your carrier’s restrictions on glass containers and other breakable materials as well.

Purchase insurance for packages worth more than $50

Much like the glassware example mentioned above, if you’re sending a package worth over $50, you’ll want to consider purchasing insurance for the contents inside it in case something goes wrong during transit.

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International shipping can be a minefield – taking the above precautions will help you avoid many common mistakes and keep your costs down.

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