Top signs which tell me there is a need to consult a neurologist for the headache

neurologist for the headache

Neurologist: Headache is one of the common problems experienced by individuals of different age groups. Sometimes it is bearable and within a few hours it can go away without the need to take any medication but sometimes the problem can be severe and it might point out the fact that there is some health issue. In such a case, it is possible that you have to get your medical evaluation through the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana. If your headache occurs 4 times a month then you have to get yourself medically evaluated. In some cases, the best  Neurosurgeon In Punjab can only point to the issue and give you the treatment which helps you get relief.

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Signs which tells you should consult a neurologist for headache problem

  • 2 or more headaches per week

If you have a headache every week and that too more than 2 times, then you need to get medical help. The neuro doctor will suggest preventive measures and the right medications for your condition.

  • Headaches are getting worse

You notice the headaches are getting worse with time and even your current treatment is helping. In such a case you need further medical tests to rule out the problem and accordingly get the treatment.

  • OTC treatment or prescription is not helping

Even if you take the OTC treatment or prescription medications your condition is not improving. It is better to take immediate action instead of waiting for a longer time. If you do so, you are only putting yourself at more risk.

  • Above the age of 50
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With age, it is normal to have health issues but once you have reached the mark of 50 and you have severe headaches then it is considered a problematic situation.

  • Noticing neurological symptoms

Headache is okay but if you notice neurological symptoms then consider this situation as a warning alarm. Like if you notice weakness on one side of the body or have seizures, then it points to the fact you might have a brain tumor or other neuro-related problem.

  • Following head injury you faced the problem

It is always said that do not ignore any injury or try to avoid the need for a medical emergency. You should consult the medical expert without any delay and get yourself diagnosed if there is any type of injury you have faced.

  • Daily life is put at a halt

If your headache is stopping your daily life, then you have to get yourself consulted by a neurologist. It is pretty evident that your headaches are pointing to the fact that you have some other health issue, so only when you consult the doctor he can check what the problem is.

Book your initial consultation

When you consult the doctor makes sure to tell him everything about how you feel and is there anything that makes your condition worse. If you have flashes of light, vomiting, nausea, blurriness, or any other unusual symptom then you have to tell the doctor about the same.

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