Top Pakistani body mists and perfumes for the year 2021

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Perfumes nowadays are considered a necessity, while some brands manufacture scents that are meant to be a luxury rather. While imported and original perfumes in Pakistan are considered to be expensive and luxurious as they are rarely found in the local market. Therefore our local brands are doing their best to come up with perfumes for women and body mists that are equal in terms of quality and are long-lasting. A lot of apparel brands have launched their line of perfumes and body mists including Khaadi, Bonanza, Junaid Jamshed, Outfitters, Warda, Ethnic, Sapphire, etc. They all have priced their perfumes in a very economical price range so that everyone can buy them easily.

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So the best part with the local product is that you can now easily get low price perfume in Pakistan.  But the important question remains, with so many options to buy from, which one should you pick as your signature scent. Well, by the end of this article you will be able to pick up your favorite perfume for ladies in Pakistan for sure. So keep on reading to find THE ONE!

Take your notes well

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Every women’s scent has three levels of notes; top note, middle note, and lastly the base note. The top note typically gives an instant flush of scent for a maximum of 5 to 15 minutes after the first spritz and evaporates quickly. The top note of any best ladies perfume will be either citrus, fruity, or a combination of the two and very subtle. It can also have the essence of aromatic herbs for a slight touch of sweetness or bitterness.

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The middle note of perfume makes up to 70% of the essence and longevity. It typically comprises fruity and floral scents with some parts of essential oils and essence.  The fragrance of a middle note normally stays for 20 to 60 minutes approximately.

Lastly, the “Base note”  for any perfume brand in Pakistan is rich, heavy, and more long-lasting. The fragrance of the base note stays for an entire day at a minimum.  

All perfumes in Pakistan have these three levels of notes included in them. You can also read the details on the packaging to find out more about the notes of perfume that you buy from any brand.

Types of notes

All lady’s perfumes in Pakistan are not similar, and we need to know more about the type of scents included in the three levels of notes of a perfume. By knowing this, you can easily choose your signature perfume that resonates with your taste and personality. Every perfume can be found to have these scents as a mixture of two or more. The top note mainly includes citrus and fruity scents such as lavender, lemongrass, lemon, mandarin, Bergamot, and Anise, white peach, blackcurrant, green apple, etc.

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The middle note contains mostly fruity, spicy, and floral extracts that last up to an hour or so.  Scents like raspberry, peach, pear, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, rose, jasmine and lilac, vanilla, lily, rose, tulip, white rose, lavender, etc. are to be found in this note. The best ladies’ perfume in Pakistan will have a beautiful mixture of two or more of these in their middle note.  Wooden and Balsamic notes make up the base note, such as cedarwood, Sandalwood, Moss, oud vanilla, patchouli, and tonka bean.

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Floral and Fruity mixture

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If your taste is inclined more towards fruity, warm, citrus, and woody scents, then you should go for the best perfumes for women by Khaadi called the “Patchouli Desire”. The top note of this perfume scent is a power-packed combination of citrus lemon and bergamot,  along with floral notes of Ylang Ylang and rose making it a perfect women’s scent. The patchouli and leather extracts make it a long-lasting and opulent perfume. The bottle is priced at Rs. 1890 making it quite an economical choice for ladies. If you’re looking for a less expensive perfume price in Pakistan with similar notes, then Warda’s Fruity Splash body spray is priced at only Rs. 995. It has a burst of floral scents in the first impression along with fruity and green essence in the heart.

Diamond are a girl best friend

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Drench yourself in this upcoming winter season in alluring notes by putting on Sapphire’s top seller perfume for girls called“Diamond”.  It is no doubt one of the best sellers ladies’ perfumes in Pakistan as this bottle encapsulates true sophistication, poise, and elegance. The “Diamond” perfume is a combination of notes including pomegranate, yuzu, magnolia, peony, raspberry, lotus flower, mahogany, white musk, and amber. This winter season brings out the real charisma of a classy woman hidden inside you by drenching in this sensual yet sophisticated perfume by Sapphire.

On the other hand, “Midnight musk” by Khaadi is an oriental floral scent that has the essence of pomegranate, mahogany black orchid, and musk. So if you’re looking for a perfume with a deep, rich, and long-lasting fragrance, this one is the best ladies perfume without a doubt.

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Warda’s Fusion Blast is also one of the economical body mists that offers a fusion of floral and clean aquatic scents. It’s perfect for everyday use as it has a very subtle base note with the top notes that of oriental floral essence. The bottle shape makes it a perfect everyday body spray to be carried in your bag anywhere you want to.

Woody and rich notes

Some women prefer to wear a fragrance that has a rich woody scent in them. For instance, eastern women prefer to wear“Oud” which is an all-time favorite all over the world especially due to its historic importance. Oud is often combined with other woody scents like musk, amber, cinnamon, musk, etc. to accentuate the scent of that note.

“Velvet Vanilla” by Bonanza Satrangi is yet another indulgent scent that is made up of musk, amber, vanilla, and woody notes.  Amber and musk are usually included in the base note to make the perfume more rich and deep.

Whereas Sapphire’s “Melange” is also considered the best perfume for women for the upcoming winter season. The burst of melon and lotus flower along with aquatic notes make the first impression or in other words the top note of this scent. The heart notes in “Melange” are a unique mixture of floral and spicy scents such as the essence of peony, cedarwood, clove leaves, and lily. Finally, the base note of this perfume includes essence and extracts of rosewood, tuberose, amber and sandalwood, mosses.