Top Five deep house cleaning tips for Your Home

deep cleaning house tips

Deep house cleaning Hoboken tasks are motivating for some and out of compulsion for many. Not everyone sounds inspired to tidy up their curbs and seems satisfied with just weekly vacuuming or sweeping. However, if for once, people realize the health problems arising due to accumulated dirt and dust in the hidden corners, one would find every possible way to manage deep cleaning of their homes at least once a year.

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It is important that the moment you see messes piling up, you must brace yourself for the regimen and finish it up before the winter hits. Changing seasons come with their challenges and may obstruct your planned schedules; so, you must have your house clean and ready for it. If you are still confused as to where to start, refer to the following tips –

1. Tackle the Clutter First

Clearing away the clutter is extremely helpful when it comes to simplifying your deep cleaning jobs. With non-crowded surfaces, you can see where dust is, or bacteria reside. You understand where extra attention is needed and also get a stimulus to keep you going.

2. Take Stock of Cleaning Essentials

After clearing up the visible mess, you get an idea of the areas to focus on. Depending on that, you can pen down the cleaning solutions and other things required for the job. Some common supplies you need are baking soda, broom, stiff-bristled brush, dish soap, mop, microfiber cloth, gloves, mineral oil, glass cleaner, garden hose (for yard work), etc.

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3. Clean High Surfaces

You must clean the ceiling, trim, light fixtures (including bulbs), and walls first and then come down to the rest of the trim and baseboard. A microfiber mop with an adjustable handle is easy to use and reach out to higher surfaces. For ceiling cleaning in bathrooms, use a white vinegar solution to prevent mold. A vacuum cleaner is a rescue for those above-eye-level, inconvenient corners.

4. Dedicate Extra Time to Windows

Cleaning windows isn’t much of a deal, yet homeowners become lazy for this task because it is time-consuming. But, if you overcome and remain consistent with it, the payoff is huge. By vacuuming the sills and tracks and using a chemical-free glass cleaner, your windows will be free of dust. Also, if there are any streaks, you will see and repair them.

5. Give Thorough Wash to Glass Shower Doors

Soap scum and water spots are common and unavoidable on shower doors. They can look shabby and also lead to mold formation. So, if not routinely, but during deep cleaning, you must wash it. Use a non-abrasive cleaner. For quick DIY, use white vinegar and warm water solution, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and wash off. For stubborn spots, use baking soda.

If you are too busy to carry out deep cleaning or wish for better outcomes, get in touch with a professional cleaning service provider.

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