Tools of love: Porta-Power

Tools of love: Porta-Power

Equipment and its use are two things that distinguish humans from other animals. Of course, some other animals use tools for what they do, but our large brains and opposite thumbs give us a huge advantage over other animals because they allow us to assemble tools from point sticks to high-end computers and everything in between. For many off-road enthusiasts, tools are a great way to make a task less expensive, easier to copy, and generally simpler. We like the equipment. No, not at all, you know what we mean. We collect and store what we cannot live without. Of course, not all tools are suitable for everyday use, and others who are forbidden only to purchase and use this tool (or misuse that tool) will never pay for the tool.

We thought it would be nice to start an online series about the tools of our choice, the ones we couldn’t live without, or the ones we didn’t realize were almost as effective. Sometimes it will contain a brand recommendation and other times it will focus on general tools that match the account and can be manufactured and sold by different companies. At the end of the day, we recommend them for what we do. They may or may not be useful to you, but if you do what we do, you should probably get them. Best of all, if you don’t end up using these tools, they should be nice and you can sell or exchange them for other tools, parts, or whatever.

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Porta Power

Porta power is a compact modular hydraulic tool that can be used to apply brute force to a very specific area of a 4×4, trailer, or another vehicle. It is best used to level the recess or to push the rocker guard back into place. Something that requires a lot of energy in a relatively controlled way. It has several parts, all of which we are not sure how to use, but the main parts are simple. There is a pump that has a bleed valve as a hydraulic jack. It has a hose that you connect to the other components of the kit and other components are available separately. Attach the cord to the part you want to use, close the vent valve, and pump the handle to select the second part. They go a short distance with great force.

The parts we use the most

A small hydraulic ram that has tubs of different legs and lengths to extend the reach. It is often best to force them to separate between two items at a distance, moving one of them (ideally). Pipes of different lengths can be used to move parts apart or to expand wide gaps. The different feet of the kit will help you press on a flat surface or hold the protrusion or holder

Alligator’s jaw. We don’t know what to call it, but you apply hydraulic force to the pump, and the jaws open with authority. This is great for removing two things that are close to each other.

Drawn attachment. This item did not come with the kit, but is an add-on we use. It acts against a small hydraulic piston and pulls the ends of the two hooks together. We used it several times to get the metal back in place when we couldn’t find a better way to get it back in place.

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Brand and durability

We have no brand loyalty to the tools we own, and we assume that many Porta Power has been manufactured in the same factory abroad and subsequently renamed. We assume that the price of this device determines its durability, but we said that we were not exactly expensive and we have no reservations except for a few small drops of hydraulic fluid. Our port comes from cargo facilities and has been operating for several years. We drilled some drain holes in the case because we missed it and immediately (and mysteriously) rainwater filled up between the molds blowing up and down. Rainwater has entered passively but is not leaking (similar to a cheap watch). The lesson is, do not leave your equipment in the rain, but if you do, drill some drain into the case.

Porta power back ram move.

Maximum ram capacity 10 tons, robust forged steel swivel hook, pulling distance 5 ″. It is a hydraulic ram that hangs up to a 10-ton hydraulic pump as a 10-ton porta power. It is suitable for the bodywork of trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery. These units are designed for bending, leveling, and pulling objects. Use for bodywork, farms, construction machinery, restoration of old houses and granaries, and much more.

Capable of handling pushing, pulling, aligning, spreading, straightening, and more, porta power tools will help you complete work quicker and easier every day. Giving you the flexibility and access you need for any situation, they are a staple set of equipment that every garage should have. Our selection of options will help you find the tools you need to handle quick repair and maintenance work with less effort and time spent, so you can move on to the next project sooner and make the most of your day.

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To learn more about the porta power tools  visit our website.

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