Tips to Buy a Used Treadmill

Tips to Buy a Used Treadmill

Treadmills have made their own worth in market in the past decade as a go to tool for physical fitness. We recommend you to go through a proper visual examination of your treadmill before buying one.

If you are a fitness freak and seldom miss your work out plans, we recommend you to buy a new one (for obvious reasons). Contrarily, if you just make big exercise plans and fail to execute them than buying a new treadmill is not a good option for you, rather a waste of money. You must stick with a used one.

Features that must be checked before buying a used treadmill

Ask for the duration treadmill has been used: The time for which treadmill has been used previously, is a good indication of the health of the treadmill. Try to buy a treadmill that is within warranty. If not in warranty, buy one that has not reached its breaking point (ask the retailer for the manufacturing date of the treadmill).

Examine Treadmill Motor: The treadmill motor is the heart of the treadmill. Make sure that treadmill motor is in good shape. If possible check the motor of the treadmill by running the treadmill from warm-up to maximum speed. Monitor the noise and temperature of the motor. Extra heat or noise from motor may indicate motor faults and damage.

Examine Treadmill Machine Deck Belt: The treadmill belt should be in perfect condition as it holds all the weight. If your Treadmill Machine Deck Belt is not operating properly it can cause you to fall off, which may even cause serious injuries. For a thorough examination of the treadmill following points must be considered:

  • Check for Fraying: The belt of the treadmill should not fray especially on the edges and both sides.
  • Check for Skips: Operate your belt at higher speeds and determine if the belt skips or slips at high speeds. If the belt skips it can cause you to trip posing a threat of serious injuries.
  • Check for Contacts with Frame: Don’t buy those treadmills in which the belt makes contact with the frame.
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If any of these points are not up to the mark, don’t purchase the treadmill. However, if you find that rest of the treadmill is in good condition, you can opt to replace the Treadmill Machine Deck Belt, provided if you have good repair services available.

See if your treadmill has an incline: Prefer buying those treadmills that have a certain amount of incline that can help you to burn more calories as compared to a non-inclined treadmills.

Examine the Display: Make sure that your treadmill has a proper and working display. Advance treadmills come with pre-programmed workouts that target specific work out goals.

Price: Based on the specs and martial quality, used treadmill prices mainly lie on the 500-1000$ range. Be careful before buying a used treadmills that are posted online, as many of them don’t actually work.

Aesthetics: Buy a treadmill that aesthetically looks good. No one wants to use a treadmill that smells bad or looks gloomy.

Space Requirements: Buy a treadmill that fits to your space requirements, you do not want to buy a treadmill that is to huge to fit into your room.

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