Packing Tips for a Wilderness Adventure

Wilderness Adventure

Packing and organizing your items are very important when it comes to traveling. So if you have planned for a wilderness adventure, you need to know what to take with you and what to keep at home. Because sometimes we tend to over-pack and this will require you to haul a heavy backpack for the entire tour.

There are certain basic items that you need to pack when it comes to wilderness travel. The first thing you need to find is a good backpack. This should be able to provide space for all your belongings. Look for a backpack that is about 50 liters or more in the capacity as this will give you a lot of space to work with. It should also be comfortable so look for packs with a hip belt that come with the option to be adjusted. Not everyone is built the same so adjusting the pack to your body will help you become more comfortable. There are many options when it comes to accommodation. If you are on a guided tour, you may be provided accommodation whether it is a hostel, hotel, etc. But if you are traveling on your own and you are planning to camp out, you will need to choose a suitable tent that can be packed up easily when not in use. Look for something lightweight that can keep out the worst of the elements. But this depends on the weather condition of the area that you are going as well.

Along with a tent, you will need a sleeping bag that will compress well when you are carrying it. And of course, you will need to carry clothes. But try not to bring the entire closet with you because you need to travel light. Look for synthetic clothing that can dry quickly when they get wet. Denim or cotton can take a long time to dry and they can make your pack very heavy when they are wet. Take a waterproof bag with you as well to carry fresh clothes and this can double as a pillow in a pinch. Some of the basic clothing items you need are a pair of shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, yoga pants, a fleece jacket and a lightweight rain jacket. You also need to carry camp shoes and hiking boots that are comfortable for your feet.

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You should always carry some first aid items with you in case of an emergency. And personal hygiene items should be packed as well. You can carry some Ziploc bags to store these and they will keep them from getting damp. Some of the basics are toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, painkillers, tampons, or pads. There are also small items like a pocket knife and a map that can come in useful. Pack a headlamp as well. If you are camping, you will need to carry a cooking pot and a camp stove. No matter what cooking method is used, it is always good to carry a lighter with you.

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