The Various Health Benefits Kapha Tea Brings to the Body

The Various Health Benefits Kapha Tea Brings to the Body

Kapha tea is something that has been consumed by people for centuries. As part of the practice of Ayurvedic medicine, it offers a range of health benefits due to containing a range of different ingredients. It’s a beverage that is both tasty and satisfying, leaving you sated and ready for the day.

So, to avoid further hyperbole on the subject, let’s see what those benefits include.

Mental Health Support

Believe it or not, this popular tea is actually able to help you enjoy good mental health – particularly as it’s able to enhance your mood and minimise stress.

The fact that it contains ginger allows the drinker to unwind and relax. This, combined with the black pepper inside, offers improved mental clarity and focus.

There is a caveat, however, as if you want to enjoy all of these mental health advantages, you need to be eating a balanced diet that contains the right blend of nutrients and vitamins.

Detox & Digestion Support

Also known as Ayurvedic Tea, Kapha Tea has been used for hundreds of years as a method of soothing and supporting digestion. Containing a range of herbs, it’s able to minimise bloating while also detoxifying your system and boosting immunity.

It’s able to calm the gut in this way because of the cardamom it contains, with liquorice also being responsible for some of the soothing effects. Furthermore, fennel helps to control bloating, and cinnamon providing detoxification.

It’s a beverage that your digestive system simply loves.

Helping You Lose Weight

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, then Kapha Tea can help with that too. The reason it’s able to offer this support is that it creates the conditions for a healthy gut.

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Again cinnamon is at work, boosting your metabolism – allowing you to burn more calories without increasing your levels of exercise. You often find Holy Basil in this kind of tea too, which further helps the gut to exist in a healthy state.

Skin Support

Moving back once again to talk about the antioxidant qualities of this tea, it’s able to help you enjoy clearer, healthier skin. How is able to do this? Well, free radicals are represented by pollution, UV rays and all those other elements that attack the skin cells.

You’ll know when free radical damage is starting to take hold, as you’ll notice that your skin isn’t as healthy as it should be. This is cell damage, pure and simple, which means you’ll age more quickly – at least your skin will.

Kapha Tea Keeps You Happy, Healthy & Vibrant

Being healthy and happy doesn’t always mean having to get yourself to the gym three to four days a week. Of course, it will help, but when you have a beverage like this that also happens to be super supportive to the body – being healthy never tasted so good!

So, if you’re looking for a gentle way to feel balanced and vibrant in your life, you could do a lot worse than pour yourself a cup or two of this ancient tea.

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