The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities that Will Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees

Owning and running a business takes more than the usual hard work and long nights – it also takes effort to bond your employees. Not just to feel comfortable and creatively stimulated by one another, but individually as well. That turns out to be no small task. Luckily, there are an abundance of team building activities to try that will no doubt have the effect of motivating them and inspiring them to work more collaboratively.

Drawing Back to Back

Language is primarily for communication, but everyone has their own style that might not translate easily to others. This exercise will encourage getting to know other team members’ methods, while also stressing focus, concentration, and of course, collaborative communication.

How to Play: Pair off everyone in the group and then sit each pair back to back. One person holds an image or shape, while the person at their back holds a pen and paper. Without the image person explicitly giving away what they are holding, they describe the image to their partner so they can replicate it as best they can.

The Winner: Whichever team draws the most accurate replica. The winning team may be rewarded with a variety of items including a paid Friday afternoon off, an eGift Card (highly secure, convenient, and always well received) or even a pair of movie theater tickets.

Zen Counting

Patience and respect are two valuable assets that are targeted in this team building exercise. It is meant to practice mindfulness, awareness and cooperation.

How to Play: The group may sit in a circle facing away from each other or stand in a group with their heads bowed. There is to be no discussion about strategy beforehand, it is a ‘learn as you go’ type of game. You can use the letters of the alphabet or numbers (consecutively). One person calls out “1” and then another calls out “2” – with no designation as to who is to go next, popcorn style. If two people speak at once, the game starts back over to the beginning.

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The Winner: This game is meant to enhance collaboration in a respectful and mindful way. When the team reaches a pre-determined end (for numbers) or Z (if using the alphabet) without talking over one another, the team has won.

Pinewood Car Racing

Back to the days of Boy Scouts, each team will need one pinewood derby car kit and a piece of chalk for demarcating finish and start lines.

How to Play: Teams will work together in building their own race car. To further enhance the spirit of competition and bonding between team members, allow them to create themes, mascots and hold a “tail gate” party complete with music and snacks.

The Winner: The team that crosses the finish line in the fastest time gains bragging rights until the event is held again!

Two Truths & A Lie

This is a great exercise for a group who might not know each other well. It will encourage introverted people to come out of their shell and will be rewarding and fun.

How to Play: Each person tells two things about them that is true, and one that is a lie. The lie should not be so outlandish that it is immediately spotted as the lie. The two true things should be interesting on a level that helps co-workers learn about that individual.

The Winner: Team members guess collaboratively as to which is the lie. 

Office Trivia

For most people, the office is their second home. And most employees likely know more about their office than they care to admit. This game puts that to the test, and rewards them for their knowledge!

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How to Play: Use index cards to write a question about the office on one side, and the answer on the other. Example questions include:

  • What is the brand of the coffee maker in the break room?
  • Which team member always arrives the earliest?
  • How many cubicles are in the office?

The Winner: Whoever guesses first correctly, takes possession of that particular index card. At the end of the game, the person with the most index cards is the winner. Hand out prizes to the grand prize winner, runner up and even the one who comes in last, with a conciliatory prize of a simple item with the company logo for a laugh.

Workers are looking for companies that make them feel valued. By carving out time on a regular basis to host team building exercises and offering tangible and intangible rewards, you will be creating a healthy, fun and productive working environment.

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