The Top 10 Plants To Offer As Anniversary Presents

The Top 10 Plants To Offer As Anniversary Presents

While there’s nothing wrong with giving a bunch of roses, if you want to give a bit of greenery that will last, a plant is the way to go. However, picking a houseplant to give can be difficult, especially when you don’t know precisely what sort of light the recipient’s home has or how committed your buddy is to maintaining a plant alive. We’ve asked experts to identify the best flowers to present to anybody, from complete beginners to seasoned gardeners, to find the most gift plants. Choose an equally attractive pot or planter for an extra-special touch. We also have selections for the next status planters for those who have already moved to the Group Partner pot.

  1. Spider Plant No. 1

A spider plant is one of my favourite plants to present. It’s simple to look after because indirect sunlight and weekly watering are all needed. The plants can be significant, so you can also grow the “babies” from the large plant & give them as gifts—making your plants and the one you give connected. Spider plants also are non-toxic, making them suitable for gifting to a home with pets.

  • A pilea tree

The Chinese money shrub, Pilea peperomioides, is a common herb to give as a gift. It’s been dubbed a “friendship plant” since it produces tiny baby seedlings that you may repot and give away, much like a propagation process.

  • A jade plant

Because jade plants belong to the succulent family, they are low-maintenance. They prefer intense light & can go a long time without being watered, making them ideal gifts to busy (or thoughtless) friends. Sunset jades, like this one, can become a bit brown or purple all around the edges when exposed to the sun, which some people confuse for sunburn—which can also happen to plants. You’re good to go as far as using a pot that drains well.

  • A snake plant
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Snake plants are more significant than the other plants on this list, but they’re just as easy to take care of and relatively inexpensive. The leaves are sword-shaped, climbing up and fanning out somewhat in the sun’s direction afterward. Snake plants are often seen bordering fireplaces or porch stairs as the weather cools, but they thrive in any area though they can grow in low-light conditions. Unless you believe your client has a spare corner, I recommend giving these in pairs.

  • A ZZ plant

 ZZ plants have waxy, thick leaves that grow vertically along a stem. ZZ plants are easy to care for and thrive in almost little light, making it the perfect present for someone who doesn’t have much light.

  • A red prayer plant

A prayer-plants (maranta plant) is a lovely present for someone that has accomplished it or is going through a difficult moment. I’ve seen them presented to folks dealing with sorrow and disease, and I received one upon graduation from my college employment. It is thought that the prayer plant would bring you good fortune. The maranta plant derives its name from how its leaves move and fold during the day, suggesting hands clasped in prayer. The leaves are lovely, especially some types with nearly fluorescent pink veins in the hue.

8. A monstera plant

The Monstera Adansonii, often known as the “Swiss cheese plant,” is an eye-catching conversation starter. The leaves are vibrant and have holes of various sizes and shapes.

9. A succulent

Because succulents are compact and easy to maintain, they are popular gifts. The majority of them require intense light and irrigation regularly. Three popular succulent kinds are included in this variety from The Sill, and they’re compact enough to fit on the desk or windowsill. For a more romantic vibe, give a hoya heart plant; I presented one to my husband on our first Valentine’s Day together, and it’s still alive and well four years later.

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10. A fictitious plant

It’s OK if you do not have a lovely garden, room, or time to care for a plant. Consider giving them a fake plant to give any room a splash of colour and height.

Hopefully, this guide will help, and not to forget that this can also work as anniversary gifts.

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