The Steamvault Dungeon Guide for Burning Crusade Classic

Steamvault Dungeon

Prepare yourself and journey into one of the best Dungeons available in WoW Classic TBC. Gather your friends/guildmates and overcome any obstacles from the Steamvault Dungeon.

Reaching the “Big Leagues” in WoW Classic TBC requires a lot of work and dedication to a single character. Furthermore, you’ll need to participate in different in-game activities that help you in the long run. If you stick to a monotonous task, you could get bored or run out of content quickly.

First of all, you’ll need to have a lot of WoW TBC Gold in your pocket. Depending on how many coins you have in your pocket, you’ll get fewer obstacles on the road. As a result, you’ll need to participate in events that could increase the size of your bags.

Secondly, it is always welcoming to have the extra tools from your Professions. If you dedicate enough time to this part of World of Warcraft, you’ll expand your arsenal. Moreover, you can become extremely powerful when you reach the highest levels.

Last but not least, you need to increase the effectiveness of your equipment. Indeed, even though you get some excellent TBC items, the best comes from dangerous places. One of such challenging parts of Azeroth appears to be the multiple Dungeons.

The Steamvault Dungeon Guide

The central theme of this place is an underwater reservoir. Hence, you’ll get to see different Naga creatures and their allies as you move through the “leaking” passages. As a result, if you’re a player that finds the sea “vast and mysterious,” you might find the Steamvault Dungeon appealing.

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Before we start with the essential parts of the Dungeon, you need to achieve certain milestones. It comes without saying that you’ll need to pass through the portal and reach the Outlands. Furthermore, to unlock the place, you’ll need to reach level 65, but it is recommendable that you enter at a higher level. Bring all the powerful gear that you have and all the consumables from different sources.

Where Can You Find the Entrance?

One of the fantastic elements of this WoW Classic TBC Dungeon is the entrance. First of all, you’ll need to travel to Zangarmarsh and move to the center of the map (coordinates 50,33). When you arrive, you’ll discover that you’re floating in the middle of a lake. Indeed, the next part requires that you take a swim and follow down the pipes, move through a passageway, and discover an underground cave.

Inside the Steamvault Dungeon, you’ll come across different adversaries, such as:

Random Creatures (Mobs)

Almost all of the mobs you’ll find come from the Naga tribe and use different abilities. On the one hand, you’ll discover melee enemies with powerful slashes and defense stances. In contrast, though, there are range creatures that throw engineering items (traps, bombs) or use powerful spells.

It is recommendable that you always move carefully and let the tank make the safest path. In the middle of the Dungeon, some water elementals appear to move randomly, making things a lot more complicated. Deal with these threats first before proceeding to your following targets.

Hydromancer Thespia

This Naga is the first boss of the Steamvault Dungeon and a powerful spellcaster. When you begin the encounter, deal with the Water Elementals first and center the attention on the boss later. Afterward, around the middle of the fight, Thespia will cast “Lighting Cloud,” which can be dangerous if you stay still in its AoE (area of effect).

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Later on, the Hydromancer Thespia will throw an “Enveloping Winds,” making you or another member of your party unable to move. If you’re the support, always have a dispel ready, or the affected would need to endure the full effect of the Lightning Cloud.


The Mekgineer is a powerful enemy that uses Engineering as its primary source of damage/control. He will summon Gnome Technicians that could try to “repair” or heal him constantly. Therefore, if you see one of these, kill it ASAP.

It is crucial to outline that you need to activate a “glowing device after you kill both bosses.” If you forget to follow this step, the door to the last boss will remain sealed.

Warlord Kalithresh

Keep the final boss away from any distiller. If you see the Warlord channeling one of these items, you’ll need to destroy it before it activates. Furthermore, when he has the shield around him, Kalithresh will reflect any spells cast on him. Being unsuccessful in this task might be devastating for the entire party.

Honorable TBC Items:

  • Beast Lord Set Pieces
  • Schematic: Rocket Boots Xtreme
  • Pattern: Battlecast Hood.

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