The Best Free Websites for Downloading Songs

Downloading Songs

Everyone loves to hear songs; well, what if you come to know that you have found free music download websites that are legit and above board? There are some reputed and reliable sites like thepirateproxybay, which feature all kinds of free audio downloads, thus providing millions of users a risk-free way to discover new artists and bands.

Here are some amazing sites that offer you free music download with just a click:

SoundCloud is one of the most popular and reputed sites that allow you to stream unlimited music as well as download songs free. It is even considered the best Spotify alternative where without paying, you can enjoy online music.

The content is being independently uploaded by famous musicians and artists on this music community online. You could search for various songs through artists or band tags in the search bar. Recently, SoundCloud featured a great list of “best music streaming services of India,” though it comprised small but unique collections of some Hindi remixes that could be downloaded free.



It is the best place for downloading songs directly from various popular artists’ profiles in the year 2021. There are many artists on this platform that offer their songs/music free. You can even download music free or purchase licensed songs legally.

The user could explore a vast collection of easily available songs according to their genres and stream free music by simply specifying the type of instrumentals and beats you like hearing. You could stream without even signing up on SoundClick, but it only allows you to download songs after signing up on this website.

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It is an emerging platform for sharing music with a user-friendly interface that makes it an even better SoundCloud alternative. Audiomack, a free music download website, is a hub for popular labels, music lovers, and artists to discover great music.


It has impressive categorized sections like Top Songs, Trending, and Top Albums, which will help the user to find great songs. The section for trending music has the hottest Electronic, Reggae, and hip-hop listed in real-time, which has been quite popular among young folks.

Note that all the songs here are not free, but still, most artists offer their remixed music and tracks for free downloading. You can also stream an unlimited number of your favorite songs through the site on your smartphone or desktop PC through Android and iOS apps.



It is a free MP3 music download website that is discovered later. The handiest feature of Beatstars is its beautiful and clean UI which comes with a darker mode. Another feature you all must know is that all legal and free music downloads could be viewed in one place by using that link.

However, remember that you would need to submit your email address on the website for downloading music free. After you have finished doing that, a download link is sent to your inbox.

On Beatstars, you can even filter songs by moods, genre, trending, latest, and top-selling. If you are looking for a particular song type, you can use the filer to find it, such as beats with chorus, beats, song reference, vocals, etc.

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Free Amazon Music Store

If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime, you get access to millions of music downloads free, which you can easily stream on any device and then save for listening offline.

There is another easy way to grab songs from the Amazon Prime site, which many of you could be unaware of. When you visit this company’s free music page in the Digital Music section, you will notice songs available for download.

You must note that you require a regular Amazon Prime account for downloading these songs. There is also an option for saving the songs on a shopping cart similar to a regular item, and then check out only once to avail of all the loved songs in one go.

Choose the pirate proxy bay, for downloading free songs or the latest music albums, as they offer safe and copyrighted content. When you download songs from The Pirate Bay website, you not only download faster but your identity is not revealed as well.

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